15 Wonderful Mid Length Haircuts for 2020

Hesitant of getting your hair cut very short and tired of your long hair? Mid Length haircuts are a blessing in this case. They are practical as you can actually rock a lot of hairstyles with this kind of cut. Stop worrying about what style to choose on your next visit to a saloon, because we have your back.

Here are some the most stylish and trendiest haircuts you can opt which will change the definition of your style.

1. Mid Length Layers

Mid Length Layered Haircuts

Whether you are blessed with thick hair or have fine thin hair, or a Mid Length haircuts is something you can always opt for. It is well suited for almost all face types.

This haircut is simple yet, stylish for medium length hair. This one would suit all business women or college going girls and you won’t have to style your hair a lot when it comes to hairstyles.

2. Blunt Mid Length Haircuts

Medium Length with Blunt Fringes

A trendy hairstyle well suited to medium length. A trend which is inspired by numerous celebrities. Yes, it is The Blunt Cut. 

A style that will give a bold definition to your facial features and the end result will be worth the money you spend on this one.

3. Bombshell Curls

Bombshell curls for mid length haircuts

One of the Mid Length haircuts which will help you rocks all those parties. Bombshell curls is a traditional look which is a personal favorite of many models and actresses. You won’t need to spend too much on this one yet will give you a gorgeous look at the end.

4. Lob with Face-framing Layers

Lob with face-framing layers

We cannot define how cute this one looks. If you are looking for medium length haircuts this one can be a choice of many of us. Not only this one as the name suggests frames the face in a beautiful way but also helps to define your wonderful facial features.

It will provide you with a soft and relaxed look. Even when you don’t feel like styling your hair for a party, you can rock this haircut.

5. Brunette Shag with Side Bangs

Brunette medium Shag with Side Bangs

A popular look especially for all those pretty girls with thick hair. The side bangs contribute to the softness of the look and you will thus end up looking gorgeous.

This look provides a modern and a traditional look at the same time. So if you want a look like that, go for this one girl!

6. Subtle Highlighted Bob

Subtle highlighted mid length bob cuts

A bob is something which has been a favorite haircut of many of us. But many of us consider a bob cut to be one of the short Mid Length haircuts. But believe it or not, it looks fabulous in medium length too.

Therefore, it can be a consideration when you are looking for such hairstyles. A subtly highlighted bob is something that is perfect for busy women who cannot visit the saloon often and thus can rock this haircut at all those parties.

7. Shaggy Bob Cut

Medium Shaggy Bob Haircuts

Bob is cute but a shaggy bob looks really sexy. With a slightly messy look, you don’t really have to spare a lot of time caring for maintaining this look when you have this haircut.

This haircut is medium length will suit all body types and face shapes and thus will help you look fabulous in every outfit you wear.

8. Elongated Medium Layered Cut

Elongated medium layered bob cut for Women

Not a fan of short layers banging on your face. You can always increase the length of your layers and in addition, add a voluminous bob. Not only this hairstyle would irritate you less but will make you look beautiful in that long dress you are longing to wear.

9. V-Cut Layers

V cut layers for medium hair

A haircut favorable for medium length and will greatly add volume and definition to your hair. Your style will look different than regular layers and more beautiful. It won’t take much time that people will start admiring your new look and ask for you for hairstyling advice.

10. Medium Layered U-Shaped Cut

Medium layered U shaped haircuts

If you’re not a  V-shaped person, why not try a U shaped cut? If you want to get your hair cut in a medium length this one is a good option.

This one will look great with all the hairstyles. Be it curls, straightening or beachy waves you can rock all your hairstyles with this haircut.

11. Mid Length Tapered Cut

Mid Length Tapered Haircut

It’s a Kind of similar style to layers yet more stylish. Tapered cut is one of the hairstyles which are pretty trendy these days. With your hair shorter on the edges but longer in the middle, you can absolutely rock this one.

Also, it’s a bonus if you have straight hair because then it will look perfect on you.

12. Mid Length Afro

Medium length Afro Hairstyles for Women

A traditional African American haircut but would look really cute on you if you have curly hair. It is a kind of hairstyle that would require some care from your side but will definitely pay off at the end.

In medium length and with black and brown hair this will help you rock all the parties!

13. Mid Length Blunt Fringe Style

Blunt Mid Length Haircuts for Women

If you want something really cute in Mid Length haircuts this haircut is something meant for you. Not only those bangs will look extremely good on you especially if you have a squarish or oval face but it’ll make you look adorable without much hassle of styling.

14. A Layered Bob

Medium layered bob cut for Women

Many of us are a fan of bobs and layers are so in these days. So why not choose a two in one kind of a haircut. Not only it’ll look super cute but will give your face a unique shape as well. Thus, give this one a try if you want a medium length haircut and we assure you that you will look fantabulous

15. Shoulder Cut with Piecey Bangs

Shoulder cut with Piecey bangs

An extremely adorable look admired by many celebrities and is very much in the trend these days. This look will make you look cute with a touch of a sexy look. You will not regret choosing this one for sure.

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