Why Doesn’t Caillou Have Hair? Why is Caillou Bald

Last Updated: May 22nd, 2019.

Caillou, every child’s favourite TV series, isn’t it? Coming home from school and the first thing you ever wanted to do was to switch the TV on and watch Caillou. You never bothered changing your clothes, washing your face or filling up your tummy with food.

Your mom would nag all the time but all what mattered was the series. We all know Caillou is a story about a boy and aspects his life revolves around.

He was born as a nine month-old boy in a blue house on the Pine Street. Lived with his mother, father, sister and had imaginary friends, just like you did. He explored nature and learned how to play different sports.

Every episode involved a different story which is relatable and has taught all the children many areas and aspects. However, one trait of Caillou always bothered everyone, even the parents. What was it? Yeah, why doesn’t Caillou have hair?

Why is Caillou Bald

The question ‘why doesn’t Caillou have hair has made people assume different reasons and believing in it. Back in the days, there wasn’t much attention payed to the internet as of now so people did not bother searching the real reason.

However, people are bombarded with so much information that their minds get puzzled and gets them wondering about the real reason.

We assure you that you are on the right time at the right website! We will clear all your assumptions and tell you the real reason of why Caillou doesn’t have hair. Keep reading!

See, we are in the 21st century and there are various fields of education we want to pursue our career in. So, being educated means having exposure and coherence which is followed by personal beliefs and values. Let’s clear one thing about why Caillou doesn’t have hair.

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Caillou is a wonderful kid and obviously as a kid, he did not have hair but as he grew up, the creators wanted to add hair to his look. However, they overlooked this idea because it made him almost unrecognizable. So, the reason why Caillou doesn’t have hair is because it is alright and totally okay to be different.

We are all born different and we should accept each other despite the physical traits. Reason being, God made us that way.

It is high time we should make children of this century watch this TV series. So that, they realize that everyone deserves to be appreciated no matter regardless of their looks.

A fun fact about Caillou’s character is that when pre-schoolers were asked for an opinion about his look without hair, they did not care. Turns out, they only noticed his features and not hair. It also made it easy for them to recognize their favourite character.

Why doesn’t Caillou have hair

We think, children of the 21st century should consider this TV series and learn different aspects of life along with building perceptions that will help them later in their life. They won’t even care about why Caillou doesn’t have hair but if they do, we have perfect explanation of their question in advance.

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