Romantic Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair to Sport in 2021

Wedding day is the most important day in anyone’s life, let be a bride or groom. Brides put loads of efforts in their dressing up and especially when it comes to the hairstyles. Every bride needs and wants to look exceptionally beautiful and uniquely styled.

For all the beauties out there you should get the best of the looks for this occasion.

Wedding hairstyles are presented everywhere on the runways where designers are especially bringing new styles for you to follow and then comes magazines and don’t forget internet websites that are putting their efforts to keep you updated for the best wedding hairstyles for long hair that has been worn.

There is no chance of going wrong on your wedding day and keeping this in mind we have brought some of the stunning styles for you to follow.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair


Wedding Bun with Beads

Wedding Bun with Beads

We call it the “Brooke” style. This hairstyle is the best for the ladies who want to look simple yet beautiful. The headband of beads pulling back your hair and tied up into a knot would be the best style to wear while tying the knot of life.

This hairstyle is very sophisticated and can be worn by bride with any face shape and still give an outlook of stunning beauty.

As the wedding dresses are white, the white crystal beads would be able to make you look stunning. If you want to add a bit of oomph then try having the bow knot as your bun.

Sided Chignon Hairstyle

Sided chignon wedding hairstyle

Chignon hairstyles have impressed everyone even when wearing for some formal party but when it comes to the wedding season this is one of those wedding hairstyles for long hair that are heartbeat.

They can give you very refined look and to give an edge to chignon it can be twisted such that it comes at the side of your head. Adding some delicate little fresh flowers to it would make a real difference and would pose festivity.

The other way to wear this style is that first you get the waterfall braid in the upper part of your head braiding it such that it starts from one side and gets bit slanted towards the other.

If done then next step is adding chignon bun at the side and it should be bit slanted towards the side the braid was and then if you want you can add beads for more glam look.

Waterfall Curly Wedding Braids

Waterfall Curly Wedding Braids

Waterfall braid is the simplest of the wedding hairstyles for long hair, if you add the highlights to your hair and then add waves to your hair then without a single doubt your hair will look overly beautiful and you would be appreciated by everyone.

Waterfall braid can be more enhanced by adding beads one by one to the knots of the braid.

Vintage Wedding Hair Style

Vintage Wedding Long Hair Style

Old is always gold and vintage hairstyles are still worn by many brides. Wedding hairstyles for long hair mostly pose curls, braids and waves that were must have part of the vintage hairstyles.

The finger curls, simple beach waves, twists and the braids have added to the style of the ladies. If you want the hairstyle that shows off depth in your overall look you should wear vintage hairstyle, as they never go wrong in making you look extremely charismatic.

Here we put forth just some of the wedding hairstyles for long hair that you could wear, it’s your choice to pick any one of these and make your day bright and beautiful as it should be.

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