How to Do Vintage Hairstyles for Women Nowadays

Vintage hairstyles have been quite popular in their times in terms of styling techniques and fashion sense. These hairstyles are once again, back in action as these days vintage hair styles have become quite popular again. Upcoming years vintage haircuts will become highly popular once again.

However, these vintage hairstyles will come in with some new trends and some heavenly looking experiments along with them. Below are some popular vintage hair styles and some tips on how to attempt them with ease.

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Vintage Hairstyles: Soft Curls

Ideal for short to medium length hair with a side parting and soft curls on both the sides. To attempt the hairstyle, curl your hair using a 1 inch ceramic iron. Allow the curls to cool and put them in place using some bobby pins. Brush your hair slightly to perfect the look.

The soft curls hairstyle suits for every kind of face shape and complexion. It will surely be one of the most popular vintage hairstyles next years

Soft Curls vintage Hairstyles

The Veronica Lake Curls.

This vintage hairstyles is one of the most popular one’s ever and it is certainly back with a bang. The hair cut is all about a clean, deep side parting along with creating a wavy sort of pattern.

To attempt this hairstyle, blows dry your hair and create a side parting as deep as you can. Grab one inch wide strands of your hair and curl them around one inch ceramic curling iron.

Secure your elegant curls in clips and let your hair cool down a bit. Remove the clips when your hair have cooled down and brush your hair to perfect the look.

Veronica Lake Curls vintage Hair

The Blunt Bob Cut.

This used to be one of the most popular vintage hairstyles. It is among the best vintage hairstyles for short hair. The bunt bob features bangs on the front of the forehead just skimming the eyebrows with the hair reaching till the ear lobes.

To style your hair in this fashion, blow dries your hair in small sections and flattens them using a straightening iron.

Use a hair shining product or serum of your preferred brand to give them an extra dazzling shine and a perfect overall look. This style will surely be back in upcoming years from among the list of vintage hair styles.

Blunt Bob Cut Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage Hairstyles: Pixie Cut

This short cropped up hairstyle was one of the top hair-dos of its time. It was popular among women who preferred to keep short hair.

This hairstyle will be popular again in next years with some degrees of experimentation.  To keep this haircut, choose a stylist who can give you the perfect pixie cut.

Pixie Cut Vintage Hairstyles

The use of razors or textured scissors is the best for this kind of hair style. It gives you a very feminine and elegant sort of look. Style them using some of your preferred products.

All these vintage hairstyles are fairly easy to attempt and will surely be the big thing to look about come next years in terms of fashion and hairstyling.

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