Iconic Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair to Sport Nowadays

The vintage hairstyles for long hair are usually the ones that are the most and easily found because back in 40’s and 50’s ladies preferred to have long hair and the styling sense that they had was just exquisite. The retro hairstyles are used in corporation with the new hairstyles and by adding the new twist to those styles but the truth is that thee hairstyles themselves are so modish and glam centered that they do not need any other spike to make them gain the hype.

The ladies who have long hair or whatever hair length they do prefer to have retro styles in the formal functions but having the vintage hairstyle in the long hair is particularly a very regularly worn style.


Vintage Hairstyles for Long Hair

Vintage Side Part Long Curls

Simplest but the chicest hairstyle that is loved by celebrities worn on the red carpets and award shows too. All that is needed is for you to have the side parted hair and then putting in the curls at the edges of your hair but they should be thick curls keeping in mind that the front hair would be covering half of your forehead and the face with the thick curl at the very end.

These vintage hairstyles for long hair is worn by the legendary Veronica Lake in 1940’s and this hairstyle has lived up till now without a single change and has thrived as the top phenomenal vintage hairstyle.

Vintage Side Part Long Curly Hairstyle

Vintage Side Part Long Curls

Braided Vintage Crown with Flowers

The long hair is sometimes very difficult to be tamed and for that there is one of the vintage hairstyles for long hair that makes your long hair look pretty even when tied up.

All you have to do is, move all your hair to one side of your head and then tie up a braid and then secure it at the end with the help of the band making sure that most of your hair re in braided form and then the next thing to do is to make them go over your crown area of head as if the braid is crown and voila!

Now when securing this braid makes sure that the endings of your hair is the place where you put your flower bed in and it would be just behind the ear.

Braided Vintage Crown with Flowers

Braided Vintage Crown with Flowers

Vintage Pin up Long Curls

The pin curls of the 1940’s are also very popular vintage hairstyles for long hair. These hairstyles have been used on almost all the hair lengths but when worn in the long hair the main idea is that the half up and half down hairstyle is kept in mind.

For that the thing is that you would take the hair from the forehead to the top of the crown and make the pin curls in them.

Take the front locks just near to your forehead and make one pin curl along the side parting and the rest pin curls on the other side of the side parting and slightly at the top and back of the head’s crown area. While leaving the rest of your hair just simply brushed out and the beautiful vintage hairstyle is all done.

Vintage Pin up Long Curls for Women

Vintage Pin up Long Curls

After having this collection for your hairstyling who wouldn’t want to enjoy these hairstyles to be worn, they can make you look pretty and also most importantly tell the others very clearly that you are super classy and no doubt wearing the Vintage hairstyles for long hair that were once worn by the fashion trend setters.

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