10 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Round Faces in 2020

Having a round face is just like having an invitation card for all the aunties to call you a cutie pie or just pull your cheeks like you are a cute fat little kid. Some people will advise you to do this or that, so that your face can be covered and look less round. Isn’t it enough? It’s time for you to choose what to do with your hair.

Choose chic Short hairstyles for round faces that will accomplish your features. In this article I am going to tell you 10 short hairstyles for round faces.

Do you Have a Round Face?

Before discussing further, first determined do you really have a round face? To know this follow these simple steps:

  • Measure the width of your cheekbone
  • Measure the widest point of jawbone
  • Measure from centre point of forehead to the tip of chin
  • If all the measurements are roughly equal, then you have the round face.

If you have a round face than you can use these Short hairstyles for round faces to make your face appear flat. While choosing a haircut keep in mind:

  1. What type of personality do you have?
  2. Do you like attention or want to hide?
  3. Do you want a change in your life?
  4. What type of face do you have?
  5. What Short hairstyles for round faces will give you confident?
Short Blonde Haircuts for Round Faces

Various Short Hairstyles for Round Faces

  • Bangs frame your face as a result a round face appears slender.
  • Straight long hair with layers looks great on women with round face. The layers add focused to jawline.
  • Long full curl will increase the volume of hair due to which the face look slim
  • Wavy hairs are also great for women with round face. This will give your face a thin appearance
  • Bob will cover your face and make it appear slender
  • If you are going for bun, then you should chose such a bun that will add volume to your hairs
  • Avoid frizzy hair as they do not look great on round face. Either go full curl or straight
  • Blunt haircut will not look great on round face. They make the face appear much wider.

Long bob is also known as lob. This is between long hair and short bob haircut. It is roughly above the shoulder or sometimes at the shoulder. This haircut makes all hair look thick and healthy. It frame your face. The length is maintained around the faces that give your face a flatter look.

Curled Short Bob

Curled Short Bob Cuts for Round Faces

While choosing a haircut for round face, you must keep in mind that you have to make your face appear flat not wide. This haircut does not draw attention away from your jawline. The curls add enough volume to balance out the roundness of your face. This feels perfect for a round face.

Side Braided Bob

Side braided bob cuts for Round Face Shapes

The side braid is a weird combination of sexy and cute. The side braided bob is the perfect combination for a date or any other event. Start braiding your hair from the any side of your face. You can accessorize your hair with pearls or flower. This will give your face a balanced look

A Pixie Cut

Pixie Haircuts for Round Face Shapes

A pixie does not make your round face appear flatter but you can elongate your round face by wearing short bangs sticking up. This will make your pixie gorgeous. It makes your face look less round.

Pixie looks great on women of all ages. While choosing a haircut what is your personality? Does this haircut suits your personality?

Ruffled Tie Up

Ruffled Tie Up Short Haircuts for Round Faces

These Short hairstyles for round faces will increase the length of your face and also increase the volume of your hair. As a result, your face appears flatter and less wide.

This will give you sexy look this short hairstyles for round faces are mostly common in east. They tie their hair back in a ruffled style. This helps them to cover the roundness of their faces.

Headband Braids for Round Faces

Headband Braids for Round Faces

In these Short hairstyles for round faces, you braid your front hair in a band. This will remove hairs from your forehead and increase the length of your face.

If you do back combing it will increase the volume of your hair and make your face appear thin. This combo of headband braid and back combing is the most elegant choice for any event. Some flings will help to appear your face more slender.

Twin Braid Style

Twin Braid Styles for Round Faces

Twin braid mostly suits the young girls. The hair are divided into two segments and each segment is use to make a braid. This braid is tie by elastic band at the end. Twin braid will not change your feature or hide them. It will simply focus your jawline unless other Short hairstyles for round faces. Twin braid can be used by any type of hair.

Sleek Fishtail Braid

Sleek fishtail braids for Round Faces

Sleek fish braid is simple Short hairstyles for rounds faces in which all hairs are ruffled and at the end tie in a fishtail. This will increase the volume of hair. Sleek fish braid looks great on chubby face. Many actresses use these Short hairstyles for round faces to cover their roundness.

Straight Haircut

Short Straight Haircuts for Round Faces

Straight hair looks great on each type of face with a little alteration. On round face, flat straight hair may look a little bit boring. So you should add some volume so that your face looks thin. Let few strands of hair cover the side of your face.

Waves Look for Round Faces

short Waves Look for Round Faces

Waves look super awesome on chubby face. They give volume to hair and also hide side of face. Who doesn’t like wavy hairs? You can lightly curl your hair into beachy waves.

These types of Short hairstyles for round faces will give you relax looking hairs without much effort. These Short hairstyles for round faces look awesome for party or casual days.


Here are few tips for your hair.

  • Never styled freshly washed hair. To make best Short hairstyles for round faces prefer making Short hairstyles for round faces after 1 day washing your hair.
  • Always use serum to protect your hair from damaging by heat
  • Try to style your hair according to occasion, your dress etc
  • Comb your hair thoroughly
  • Rinse hair with cool water
  • Massage your scalp
  • Eat well balanced diet
  • Be gentle with your hair

These are some of the best ever hairstyles and haircuts for round faces that every woman can use to wear in this year just to get amazing personality.

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