14 Trendy Short Black Hairstyles Trends for 2020

You recently saw a picture of your favorite celebrity who just got a haircut. The haircut seemed great on her so you got it too.  But now you are regretting it because you are unable to find some good short black hairstyles to pair up with your attire.

Believe it or not, you are the only one who regrets after a pair of scissors chop off your precious hair. Relax, quit panicking because these short black haircuts are there to save your day and make you look superb.

1.Braided Crowns

Short Braided Crowns Black Haircut

A crown braid is something that can be styled very easily and in less time. Crown braids have become a trend over the recent years for women for casual parties.

Although it might look like complicated short black hairstyles, it’s actually pretty simple to create. In very less time you will be able to create one and have everyone else envious of your look. It will also look great when you dress up to attend a wedding this wedding season.

2. Bouffant  Haircut

Short Bouffant Black Hairstyles

Tired of the modern looks, and unable to find retro cute short black hair styles for short hair?

Here is one which helps you achieve that retro look. Styling this look for a fancy party will make you look wonderful in that formal look. There is no doubt that this look will beat all those saloon made looks all with simple equipment.

3. Short Curls

Short Black Curls for Women

Have you seen Chrissy Teigen‘s look at the Emmy’s? How absolutely gorgeous she looked as she pulled off her short hair look.

That look can easily be achieved by using your curling iron and topping off with hairspray. You will absolutely love the look and how it is extremely easy to achieve.

4. Half up Party Lob

Half up party lob styles for black women

One of the simplest yet short black hairstyles of all time. A lob is something you can style easily with your short length hair and the end result is flawless.

Using your straightening iron as a wand add loose curls and backcomb the crown of your hair to add volume to your style and guess what it is done. Top off with hairspray to produce a long-lasting effect.

5. French Braids

French braids with twists for black women

Braiding short hair is not that easy, but at the end it looks pretty great. A twisted french braid is one of the hairdos that will make you look fabulous. Thus, even with your cut short hair, you can achieve can classic look.

6. Low Braided Bun Style

Low braided bun black hairstyles

We all adore a cute updo, especially when it comes to braids. It doesn’t matter if you are lacking in length you can still pull the look off. Put all your hair in a simple bun leaving a one-inch section.

Braid the section and wrap it around the buns securing it with a hair tie.  Now you will no longer envy buns of those with long hair because now you can make your very own with short hair too.

7. Half up Top Knot

Half up Top Knot Hairstyles Ideas

Are you looking for a casual, yet classy look for a random day at your job or college? Half up top knot is one of the trendiest cute short black hairstyles of all time.

A cute hair cut for black girls inspired by Khloe Kardashian, you can easily make it under a minute and guess what? It does not require any special equipment at all.

8. Loose Wave Looks

black Loose waves haircuts

Don’t like tight curls? And also not a fan of straight hair? Try waves. You will absolutely rock both the formal and casual parties with this look. Short hair will no longer be a problem with this celebrity inspired look.

9. Twisted Pin Style

twist pin short black haircut

Going out for a road trip, or traveling with family and looking for cute short black that would look great in your pictures. Opt for this simple yet elegant one.

Twist and Pin is one of the short black hairstyles trends. Another thing, during traveling, if you are unable to wash your hair it will hide that too. And yet you’ll get compliments on this one.

10. Pull Through Braid

Short Pull Through Black Braids

Have a long day planned ahead and still want your hair to look nice? Try this braid. Even with short hair, you will achieve a wonderful look that will stay for a long time, making you look great throughout the day.

And a plus point, it is really easy to make. Once you are done making the braid, gently tug it on both sides to make it look wide and messy, yet sexy.

11. Cool Punk Side Braids

Punk side braids for black women

When your hair is not long, it does not mean you cannot pull off cool looks. Put your half hair down and only put half of your hair down into braids.

Now is it a rock concert or a bonfire night, this look will look absolutely amazing on you. Add funky accessories to make it even livelier and curl the rest of your hair if isn’t curly already.

12. Flowy Curls

Flowy short black curls for women

If you have thin fine hair, you might not like your hair in tight curls or waves. Give these flowy curls a try then. Curl your hair in an alternate direction to achieve maximum volume. And girls, with this look rock all your party outfits and, have maximum fun.

13. Half up Half Down

Half up Half down ponyatils for black women

Commonly known as a half ponytail, its life saver short black hairstyles for short hair. Whether you are going to college, to work or just going to have some guests at home.

This comfortable look is very easy to achieve and make you look cute and will also draw attention to your facial features. You can achieve a messy voluminous look by teasing the hair pulled up with a comb.

14. Two Strand Twist

Two strand twist black hairstyles

It is kind short black hairstyles that would suit both an elementary school kid and a college going girl. Although this can work with long hair too, this black girl looks wonderful on short hair. It is very easy to make and will help create a soft, yet cute look to match your outfit.

Whatever style you make, wear it with confidence and smile. We are sure that you can rock it!

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