Cutest Toddler Girl Haircuts for Fine Hair to Try Now

Your days of not having to style your baby girl’s hair are over. She is all grown up as a toddler and it’s your responsibility to take care of her hair. You have to wash, dry and style her hair in different ways so that she doesn’t get bored of the same one all the time.

However, for that, we know it requires a lot of attention and care. We also know you want your toddler to look gorgeous and right now she is all inspired by her favourite cartoon characters.

So, for your convenience, we have complied the most gorgeous toddler girl haircuts for fine hair that will not take too much of your time.

First off, your toddler might be a bit handful when it comes to hairdos but you can’t just leave them. It is essential that her fine hair is taken care so that they can grow to be healthy and strong. So, here are some short cuts and tips:

Talk to her,
make her watch her favorite cartoon,
offer her a prize,
sing a song with her, and
if she is being too handful, start styling your hair and get her into talking to make the same style.

Now let’s see toddler girl haircuts for fine hair:

Levelled Hair with Forehead Bangs

Toddler girls fine haircut with forehead bangs

This is a toddler girl haircut for fine hair that is levelled and has bangs lying on the forehead. You can make so many hairstyles on this type of cut.

For example, a braid, a little ponytail and pigtails. Since, toddlers have a small cute face, bangs on forehead look adorable on them. The hair can be short, medium or long – whatever length right suits her face and you can take care of considering her moods.

Medium Length Fine Hair with Bangs

Toddler girls Medium length hair with Bangs

This is another toddler girl haircut for fine hair that is medium length. Add bangs while getting a haircut so that you can part them from the middle and sides relatively to the events she is heading to.

You can make a little side bun and attach a flower clip on it which looks absolutely cute and her hair will not interfere with her activities. If her hair is silky, make sure you lock her hair tightly and carefully.

Toddler Girl Long Layered Haircut

Toddler girls Long layered fine hair

A type of toddler girl haircut for fine hair that looks really sophisticated. If your toddler can have long beautiful hair, it’s a blessing. Side part her hair and collect little strands of hair to make multiple fish braids on the front.

Use a matching band to secure them. Leave the other side as it is or twist a bunch of hair and pin them. Be creative and make different hairstyles on and off.

So we have shortlisted three types of toddler girl haircut for fine hair of every length. You can consider any of them depending on the type of her hair.

However, the texture does not matter – whether they are straight or curly. What is more important that you are able to handle her hair so that they don’t come in between her activities and don’t irritate them because otherwise she will mess all her hair by herself.

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