Thinning Hair: Reasons and Treatment to Follow

Hair is a woman’s greatest asset and that very thing which brings laurels to your beauty. Keeping this fact in limelight, it becomes very understandable why women tend to get scared and worried because of hair loss or thinning hair.

Moreover, this hair condition ought not to be undermined since it is very probable that it might be foreshadowing developing health conditions such as vitamin/nutrition deficiency, hormonal imbalance and excessive stress.

Once you appropriately treat these conditions you will hopefully be rewarded with vibrant and healthy strands. Given below are some significant reasons for thinning hair and how you ought to fix these problems.


Reasons of Thinning Hair in Women

  1. Vitamin/ Nutrition Deficiency

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Deficiency of vitamins particularly vitamin D is a core reason of thinning hair in women. Many researches have been carried out which signify that lack of vitamin D is intrinsically associated with hair loss.

Furthermore, this thinning of hair might be a cue for much graver and serious maladies ensuing from the deficiency of Vitamin D.

  • Treatment

Furthermore, other nutritional deficiencies such as those of amino acid lysine, copper and zinc also play a vital role in causing hair loss.

Now the question that sprouts its head is to figure out the possible solution to this problem. A balanced diet is what you ought to go for.

Make sure that your daily selection of food comprises of fresh vegetables and fruits so that your nutrition deficiency might be compensated.

Thinning Hair in Women by Vitamin

  1. Hormonal Imbalance

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Another major reason for thinning hair is hormonal imbalance which can set on in women as soon as early 30s. Although the major hormone in women is estrogen, however certain percentage of testosterone and androgens are also present in women.

With the onset of this hormonal imbalance, major percentage of estrogen starts converting into testosterone, due to which the body hair starts getting coarse, whilst the head hair starts thinning.

  • Treatment

In order to fix this problem, it is mandatory that you go for a complete hormone testing. This will enable you to know whether your hair loss is a result of some hormonal imbalance or whether there is some other underlying cause.

Once you have had a thorough hormone scan, you can consult a physician for recommendation of supplements which would fix this situation.

Thinning Hair by Hormonal Imbalance

  1. Thinning Hair By Stress

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Excessive stress has also been known to play a vital factor in thinning of hair in women. This hair loss can be a pertinent clue that your stress level is taking a toll on your overall bodily health apart from the mental one.

Moreover it is very likely that this thinning of hair might be followed by other serious health issues. Unless you treat this stress condition which is no less than an epidemic now and find a way to restore calm, this hair thinning can continue resulting in intense hair loss.

  • Treatment

To treat your stress conditions, it is recommended that you incorporate various stress management exercises in your daily schedule.

Whole and balanced diet can also have a fair share to play in this regard. Yet, if nothing seems to help in the cure of this unrelenting stress, you can always try getting some professional help.

Thinning Hair in women by stress

  1. Use of Excessive Chemically Toxic Hair Products

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Now a days a myriad of hair products is commercially available. These products claim a hoard of advantages to their name, but the truth is generally in contrast to these shallow claims.

Since these products are manufactured by using various chemicals, therefore they have a dire effect on the health of your hair. Consequently thinning of hair can ensue, which can then lead to excessive hair loss.

  • Treatment

The best remedy for this situation is to go for natural hair products or products which incorporate herbal ingredients. Small percentage of hair loss is normal. You break some hair while showering, brushing or blow drying etc.

This is nature’s way of replacing unhealthy strands with healthy ones. Yet if this condition becomes severe in its intensity, then it is a call for you to investigate into the matter and find out reasons for thinning of hair in women. It’s better to do this now than facing dire consequences later.

Use of Excessive Chemically Toxic Hair Products…………………….

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