How To Take Care of Fine Hair Naturally : Pro Guide

You may have tried every single thickening hairspray that’s on the market but with no luck. If you’re having trouble with fine hair, here’s how to take care of fine hair in just a few simple steps. If you follow most of all of these tips, you are guaranteed to get thicker and fuller hair!

Best Haircut for Fine Hair

Best Haircut for Fine Hair

In order to get the best hair, the first step is to get the right haircut. One of the best haircuts for fine hair is the Long Bob, which trains hair to curl gently under the chin. Length is a merit for fine hair because the extra length adds weight to the hair, pulling the hair down and keeping it in place.

More length means less volume for curly or wavy Hair. Another way to make the most of finer hair is wearing hair medium length. Either way works just fine.

Oh, and don’t listen to the myths about thin-haired girls not being able to pull off certain haircuts. I believe that you can pull off any style with some research.

Use Color to Fake Fullness

Use Color to Fake Fullness

One obvious way you can “fake it” is to work in some extensions, but you can also use highlights and low-lights to add dimension to your hair to make it appear thicker and fuller.

Low light shadows simulate depth, while bright highlights draw attention to the surface of the hair, whereas uniform color can make your long locks look flat and drearily dull.

If you can’t afford professional highlights, there are many color-enhancing shampoos out there on the market that illuminate the highlights and enhance color of blonde, red, and dark hair.

Air Drying

Air Drying to Take Care for Fine Hair

I recommend that you don’t blow dry your hair, simply because it reduces the effect of heat, breakage, and styling damage. Since fine hair dries faster than other types of hair, just let it air dry. Many stylists also recommend this way of drying your fine hair.

When you get out of the shower, gently pat dry your hair with a towel or some other soft microfiber material to remove the excess water.

Never brush wet hair and avoid twisting it to avoid knots and tangles. You don’t want to lose strands of your hair to rough brushing.

Style Your Fine Hair The Right Way

Style Your Fine Hair The Right Way

Knowing the right way to style fine hair is probably the most important thing in taking care of fine hair. There are a lot of products out there that promise to deliver great results and fix your problem, but most of them actually don’t.

When styling fine hair, a root lifter is essential as it helps lift and support your strands and will pump up your volume, giving you that sexy two-day hair effect.

Another way to boost your roots is by blow drying your hair upside down. Just be sure to comb your hair really well before doing so, in order to avoid knots and tangles.

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