How To Stop & Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Fast

Last Updated: May 30th, 2019.

You would go anywhere with greasy hair, right? That would be so embarrassing to have people look at you with thinking you might not take shower and don’t care about your hair. How would you feel walking down a street and getting bumped into a sexy guy you might want to take things forward with but with all the grease in your hair, he would run away?

We know that even reading this boils your blood and makes you wonder of a situation like this but don’t panic. We have the best tips to give you on how to stop greasy hair coming in your way of love and dating season.

First off, you have to wash your hair in just the right frequency, use a reliable shampoo and conditioner, give time to your wet hair to dry and don’t use heat on them instantly. All these tips are pre- how to stop greasy hair that will 100% work in your favour.

Now let’s get to the actual tips you are here for.

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Use Products Formulated for Greasy Hair

Products Formulated for Greasy HairImage

Number one step is to throw away all your products that haven’t been good to you. Yes, that’s actually how to get rid of greasy hair.

Just buy one product – be it expensive – for your hair that has a detailed description about getting rid of all the grease. If you work out too much, you probably need to use the one with strong detergents mixed in it.

Deep Clean with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera to Get Rid Of Greasy HairSource

Number two step on how to stop greasy hair fast is that you start using Aloe Vera on it. This has been an essential aspect followed by our ancestors.

They did not have shampoos and conditioners in that era. They used natural ingredients and plants that’s why their hair were thick and healthy.

So, don’t hesitate and grow an Aloe Vera plant near your house or building and apply it on your hair every day or 2-3 hours before showering.

Use of Dry Shampoo

Showering every day can’t be possible and it is not good for your hair as well. Instead, buy a dry shampoo and quickly apply it when you have to go somewhere but remember to take a shower after at least 42 hours.

Some reliable dry shampoos are, Klorane Dry Shampoo, Giovanni Powder Power Dry Shampoo, Monat’s the Champ: Conditioning Dry Shampoo and Hair Goals by Tarte. These are all under US$ 20 and will be your closest friend when needed.

Use of Dry Shampoo for Greasy HairImage

Other tips for stop of get rid of greasy hair are that you deep condition them with coconut oil, rinse with apple cider vinegar, sooth your scalp with honey and consume at least one cup of green tea every day.

We know it kind of gets really tough to take care of your hair when you don’t have enough time. Life gets busy and you would prefer using short cuts when it comes to anything.

However, hair is an important part of your looks and remember, looks at some point do matter. So, make a list of your do’s with don’ts and get working on them.

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