12 Coolest Spring Hair Color Ideas You’ll Love in 2019

Last Updated: May 27th, 2019.

Spring is here, now it’s time of need to change until your hair seems to follow the color right together! The spring is coming to us with decisive steps, should we already come to take over some new image? In fact, with the current trends for nude make-up and natural hair texture, there is little thing to invent that looks unique.

However, it is still a chance to make experiment with color. Your only appointment for a new look should be with your hair colorist. While we’ve talked about rose gold and blush hair color for 2019 spring in reality.

There are some basic colors you can accept without breaking the boundaries. Below you will find the hottest spring hair color trends for 2019 and summer the time will be athletic.

These are the shades of hair colors that are solid and rich and do not need any special highlighting techniques to make this look very cool.

Take a look at these fresh and beautiful ways you can lighten up your hairstyles in spring season 2019.

Maroon-Ombre Color

Authentic and elegant, Maroon Ombré is a mix of dark brown and a brown tone with a reddish tinge. For the look, a natural gradient between these two shades is incorporated.

Maroon-Ombre Spring Hair Color Ideas

Honey Blond Ideas

Oh, honey! The trend of the past year will remain in 2019. The warm and harmonious honey blond stands every skin tone. If you do not want to have your entire hair dyed, you can use the Balayage hair dyeing technique to set subtle accents.

Spring Honey Blonde Hair Color Shades

Pagenta Spring Hair Color

If you mix purple and magenta (red-blue), the tone pagenta is created. It is currently one of the major hair color trends in the US. Created has the look of colorist Jamie Sea from Salon Salt, Connecticut.

Tip: The clay is perfect for brown and black hair.

Pagenta Hair Colors for Spring Season

Nude Beige Highlights

What happens when you mix ash blonde and platinum blonde together? The new idea of hair color 2019 named Nude Beige has a cool charm as compared to the warm honey blonde hair color.

Tip: Keep your fingers off the tone if you have very pale skin.

Nude Beige Blonde Hair Colors for Spring

Mulled Wine Hair Color

It is also announced the best color in spring 2019. The dark berry tone, which is reminiscent of mulled wine, is a mix of the colors purple, orange and brown. It is the perfect winter hair color and is particularly well suited for slightly tanned or olive skin.

Mulled Wine Hair Color Ideas for Women

Deep & Dark

You do not have to go as unimportant, just because it’s spring! This gorgeous wavy asymmetric hairstyle will brighten up your look, even in a gorgeous dark shade.

Deep and Dark Hair Color for spring season

Red Hair Color

Bright red highlights in a deeper red base are a traffic stop color this spring! Paired with a flower inspired updo, it will be a favorite among weddings.

Spring Red Hair Color Ideas for Women

Soft Blonde Highlights

These hottest blonde highlights give a natural feel coupled with the perfect asymmetrical haircut. This look can be as soft and sweet as in the picture, or roughened and edgy, with just a little product!

Soft Blonde Hair Color Styles for Spring

Golden Hair Color

This soft, curved ombre “with a honey-gold tone looks fabulous with rose gold (color or nature). Adding more shades of blonde on the longer side for an asymmetrical haircut adds extra fun.

Spring Soft Golden Hair Color ideas

Pastel Peach Style

With pastel colors, you are in the fast lane in the spring / summer of 2019. If you like it soft, you can use a warm, shiny peach tone, for example from Redken. For the new summer color, the colorists have combined a pale orange with pink nuances.

The advantage for those who do not want to commit themselves or like to experiment: The Shades EQ colors by Redken are semi-permanent and therefore the perfect entry-level tint.

Pastel Peach Spring Hair Color Ideas

Strawberry Ombre

You already know the Ombre trend. The hair is dyed in two different colors, which flow smoothly into each other. But have you ever seen the look with a strawberry tone? Works well and is something else.

Strawberry Ombre Spring Hair Color Ideas

Bronde Style Color

A mixture of brown and blonde which gives the hair a nice and fresh shine look. Whether you want the approach of blond and the rest of your hair brown, or let the dark color shimmer through below, is up to you.

Spring Bronde Hair Color Shades for Women

There you have it, amazing color ideas for spring season 2019. Whether you are looking for a drastic change or just want to spruce up the color you already have, spring is the perfect time for it to go.

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