Elegant Sleek Straight Hairstyles You Must Try in 2020

You might happen to be under a misconception that sleek straight hairstyles tend to be dull and boring, since their character doesn’t allow you enough space to tamper with. On the contrary, the reality happens to be the exact opposite.

Straight hairstyles 2020 can actually bring out the best of you, if you know how to wear them, carry them and most importantly get them. While waves and curls have dominated the previous times, straight hair has become the vogue of this era.

These sleek hairstyles are both seductive and charming. Do you wish to have strands which are straighter than straight and silkier than silky? If so, then hereby we bring forth to you the hottest straight hairstyles 2020.

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Sleek and Straight Hairstyles 2020

Straight and Silky Hairstyle 2020

When we bring out the topic of straight hairstyles for 2020 then there are two considerations that we are supposed to deal with. Either you are a natural, with a hair texture which is enviably silky and straight; or you are not.

If it’s the former scenario you are faced with, then here the major consideration would be bringing life and volume to your straight hair so that they don’t look too flat and boring.

Straight and Silky Hairstyles 2020

Naturally Straight Hairstyles 2020

Whereas, in the latter case, you have to make your hair behave so that they are inclined towards a sleeker texture. In the array of hairstyles given below, both these types are dealt with.

Although there are very subtle differences, yet you ought to be very careful in choosing a hairstyle, so that your hair texture is kept in the limelight.

Sleek Streak Hairstyle

Sleek Streak Hairstyles 2020

Sleek Streak Hairstyles for 2020

A pretty hair color, one tone darker than your complexion, high lightened with pretty streaks can look striking when conjugated with straight hair. Get a mid length haircut, with a bold fringe. The fringe has to be kept full and bold to accentuate your hair length.

If you have naturally straight hair, then blow dry them and mist a shine spray. Otherwise, using a flat iron, straighten your hair so that the highlights stand out further.

Make sure that you make use of a heat resistant spray or serum prior to the use of flat iron. It looks best on square shaped and diamond shaped faces.

Sandy and Straight Sleek Hair

Sandy and Straight Sleek Ombre Hairs 2020

Sandy Straight Long Haircuts 2020

Sandy hair calls for extra conditioning, particularly during the warmer months. To achieve this glamorous look, divide your hair in sections and straighten them using a flat iron.

You can opt to use a wax or pomade so that light movement is made possible. With side swept bangs, framing your face, this hairstyle looks beautiful on almost all face types and shapes.

Layered Ombre Sleek Straight Hairstyle

Layered Ombre Sleek Straight Hairstyles 2020

Layered Ombre Straight Sleek Hairs 2020

This sleek straight hairstyle for 2020 embellished with an ombre look can practically swipe people off their feet. This hairstyle looks glamorous and chic. The various sleek layers stand out, framing your face beautifully.

Brunettes can particularly take the best advantage of this hairstyle as their mid length haircut will be contrasted with a lighter tone. It can particularly work well with oblong and square shaped faces.

Straight and Jagged Haircut

Straight Jagged Sleek Hairstyles for 2020

Straight and Jagged Haircuts 2020

Looking for a blunt edge that would drive people insane with your exotic beauty? If so, then this hairstyle is what you are looking for. These sleek and straight hairstyles 2020 feature dead straight here, yet the ends are cut bluntly, in a jagged fashion.

Moreover, it would look super cool with jet black hair. Style your hair in such a manner that they are swept towards your face. You can also consider using a light hold spray to make sure that your hair stays in place.

Are you ready to step out in the world with your beautiful sleek hair as your armor, all prepared to knock people off the ground? If so, then get any of these sleek straight hairstyles and wait for the magic to take place.

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