Popular Skin Fade Haircuts for Men in 2020

Men, we know you always want to look like the idle man every woman wants. However, it is essential that you also do some efforts for yourself. All the internal attributes don’t only play a role, the external attributes have an important part as well.

If you look messy at the office, it will not look professional and if you don’t look as you should be at a party, no woman will approach you. So, isn’t it time for a change? The first ever thing you can change about your look is your haircut.

We are not asking you to change anything rather only something that can be better maintained. So take a look at our short listed skin fade haircuts that are popular for you this year!

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Side Parted Skin Fade Haircut

Side Parted Skin Fade Haircut for MenSource

This is a skin fade hairstyle that looks professional and causal at the same time. You can easily pull it off at any type of event. It is a neat haircut that is at least 3 inches from the top and 1.5-2 inches from the sides which is followed by 0.5 inch to skin fading.

It goes in a movement and adds a flowy creative motion. If you are fan of tattoos, you can fill the space with your favorite one on the faded part. It looks really sexy there! A beard isn’t necessary with this haircut but if you want, you can go for it.

Quiff Skin Fade Haircut

Quiff Skin Fade Haircut for MenSource

A quiff is a perfect skin fade haircut style if you want to keep your hair long from the top and all short and faded from the sides.

The hair on the top is cut in layers to add volume which is best for you if you have thin hair. You can also add highlights or lowlights to be creative and promise, they look classy on men.

However, for a quiff, a beard adds a frame to your face and acts as a compliment. Make sure, you don’t forget to maintain a quiff as it asks for attention and efforts.

Slicked Back Skin Fade Haircut

Slicked Back Skin Fade Haircuts for MenSource

This is clean skin fade haircut that only falls under styles for corporate world professionals. If you are a person at a senior position and you have tens of meetings to attend every other day, this best fits you.

Reason being, it is very important to look professionally appealing for your clients. Indeed, your sense of style also speaks of your personality. So, this is long from the top and combed back for a neat look. The sides are slowly faded from near the ends.

These are the most popular skin fade hairstyles for this year. You definitely have to try these and change your look. We promise, you will absolutely love your new look and people will get inspired by it.

The next time, you will be going to the barber, not for your haircut but to help them get same as yours. To maintain these skin fade haircuts, ask your barber to recommend a reliable shampoo and conditioner.

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