Hottest Side Swept Hairstyles for Long Hair 2021

Are you looking for hairstyles that make your long hair look beautiful and glamorous? Then you might want to give a try to the side swept hairstyles for long hair. These hairstyles are very simple but if worn right they bring out your personality as the sassiest one.

You can have your hair side swept and get the brilliant look. This helps you give the composed look while keeping your look feminine and playful.

Side swept hairstyles have been worn by many celebrities on the red carpets and even in the Oscars celebrations too. They usually opt to wear them with backless dresses but if you are a fan of modest dresses it applies to you same.

These side swept hairstyles for long hair can also be worn in the work place as they help you tidy up your hair and bring your tresses on one side. You can try various styles that have hair side swept and look modish just the way you would ever want.

Side Swept Long Curls for Women

Side Swept Long Wavy Hairstyles

Side Swept Long Black Hairstyles………………………………….

Ponytail Side Swept Hairstyle for Long Hair

Side Swept Ponytail Haircuts for Long Hair

Ponytail Side Swept Hairstyles for Long Hair

It is one of those side swept hairstyles for long hair that are very simple, do not consume too much time and the best part they are wonderful for the parties, formal functions or even the hangout times with the friends.

The side swept ponytails are easy to have, all you have to do is bring all your hair on the one comfortable side of your face and tie it up leaving the untied hair as messy or with the curls.

If you take a strand of your hair from bottom and roll it over the pony you have tied your hair with, it will give more sophisticated look or the best thing you can do is have a headband with the flower or your favorite cartoon and wear it. It adds color to your hair and the one with flower will really stand out in the formal functions.

Side Swept Long Braided Hairstyle

Side Swept Long Braided Hairstyles

Side Swept Braided Long Hairstyles

Side Swept Long Braided Prom Hairstyles

Braids never go out of fashion; they have always been the heart throb of the hairstylists. They have experimented with it in various ways and one of them is to wear the braids in a side swept manner.

You can do two things with your braids when having side swept.

  1. You can make a ponytail and the loose hair can be done into the form of braid and the best braids to wear are fish tail, the braid incorporated with the bandanas of different colors or so. You can cut off the headband from the top once you have got the braid and voila!
  2. The best thing you can do is to wear braid on the side of your hair that you are taking your hair away from and then continue that braid into your ponytail or secure it with bobby pins on the other side. The waterfall braid is best to do with this hairstyle.

Enjoy any of the side swept hairstyles for long hair and they will surely make you feel like a princess.

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