Pretty Side Prom Hairstyles for Women 2021

Prom is a special night for everyone and on this occasion you deserve to look yourself most stunning. You deserve to put on the most charming couture and wear the most flattering hairstyles. For this very reason, several side prom hairstyles have been aggregated for you.

These hairstyles are accompanied with a characteristic prom aura which spells out glamour, elegance and sophistication.

So, before embarking headlong upon the explanation of these side hairstyles, you can conjure up an image of perfect hair before your eyes and then continue reading.


Women Side prom Hairstyles

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Jeweled Night and Jeweled Prom Hair

Prom has connotations of entrancing light and enchanting music associated with it. Therefore this side hairstyle is in perfect harmony with the spirit of this special night. To achieve his hairstyle, back comb your hair a little to create a regal effect.

Divide the rest of your hair into three sections and bring them forward to one side of your neck. Braid up this hair loosely and further loosen up some strands using a tail comb to create texture.

Secure this side braid in place by spraying it with a firm-hold spray. The last touch is the most exciting one, and that is embellishing this hair style by placing a jeweled band or tiara at the top of your head.

So come on all young princesses out there! It’s time to put on this magical hair style and then anticipate your fantasy ball.

Jeweled Hair with Side Prom Style

Glossy and Lofty Prom Side Ponytail

Ponytails are the most versatile of all hairstyles, since these hair dos can propagate the most casual aura as well as the most formal one. Hereby we would be going with the latter option. These side hairstyles for prom not only look beautiful but are extremely easy to wear as well.

All you have to do is straighten your hair using a serum and flat iron. This is done, so that your hair wears a smooth and glossy look.

Now, back comb the front of the hair so that they end up with a considerable volume. Next, gather the rest of your hair into a side ponytail and back brush it a little to create a messy effect.

Wrap a section of your hair around the elastic and secure it with bobby pins. Voila you are ready to go out and stun the crowd.

Glossy and Lofty Side Pony for prom hair

Soft Prom Bouncy Side Curls

Curls have the tendency to look extremely gorgeous if done correctly. Moreover, soft bouncy curls framing your face elegantly make you look sweet and young in parallelism with an exotic beauty.

Part up your hair to one side and back comb the crown hair a little to create texture. Secure the rest of the hair which have been parted to the side with some bobby pins.

Afterwards, curl this parted hair from the middle to the end of the strands and alternately twist them in opposite directions.

Use a firm-hold spray to secure these curls. You can also consider adorning these side prom hairstyles with some flower or other ornaments. Fasten this embellishment over the inverted bobby pins placed to secure the curls in place. Consequently you will end up with a comfortable and magnificent hairstyle.

Soft Prom Bouncy Side Curls

The hair style which you choose to wear at your prom night is greatly determined by the type of dress you would be wearing. However some basic and general side prom hairstyles have been given above.

You can tamper with these hair styles and mold them according to the requirements of your particular dress. Eventually you will be dressed like a princess, with hair like a fairy and will go out to spend your best night.

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