Cutest Short Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair in 2021

Possessing long hair was possession of the ultimate beauty since the long times and even now it is considered most stylish. But then again where it has its own perks and classiness there is one thing that couldn’t be overlooked and that is complications to manage them well enough.

Managing of the long hair becomes really difficult especially in the summer season and to overcome these conditions ladies search for the hairstyles such as short ponytail hairstyles.

There are many beautiful styles that can give you composed look even for the long hair, the ponytail always had its own charm that couldn’t be denied. And for such conditions these are some of the styles that you can opt from.

Layered Short Ponytail Hairstyle

Layered Short Ponytail Hairstyle

For all those ladies who have layering in their hair, this hairstyle is just perfect.

It starts with you getting the low ponytail in your hair with back-combing or twists or whatever style you want to have in the front and then once you have low tightly secured ponytail.

Next step is to braid your ponytail till half or leave it as is and then pinning it upwards such that it reaches the back of your hair and letting loose the rest of the hair covering this back portion of your head.

The layers will add the effect of ponytail and you will have the short ponytail hairstyles.

Short Ponytail with Crown Braids

Short Ponytail with Crown Braids

This style is particularly for those who are off to party because crown braid adds bit of a fancy element to the outlook.

So the thing is that you will be doing crown braid such that part your hair in half and make the crown braid as you do normally and secure your hair at the back of your head as high ponytail or at the side as low ponytail that is up to you.

With this short ponytail hairstyles not only your long hair would be consumed in making braid but also you will get a little style incorporated perfect for different occasions.

Back Combed Short High Ponytail

This style is focused on the beauties that have long hair but not very long, they can get the short ponytail hair style just by back combing their hair at the front and then having a high ponytail to secure your hair.

Another way is that if that does not help then adding braid loops to the ponytail or bow loops to ponytail will add texture and you will have your short ponytail beautifully to boost up your look.

Back combed High short Ponytail

Short Ponytail Bun Style

This style is just perfect for occasions and also for your young girls who like to be a bit dressy.

In this hairstyle what you can do is make the side bun but high above your ear but do not secure all the hair but leave the hair out as much you think would be enough to constitute as the short ponytail hairstyles! Bun and ponytail combined.

Same process can be done to get the short ponytail with long hair at the back of your hair. Well, just a tip, keeping bun a bit messy would give a very nice look.

Buns and the short Ponytail Style

These hairstyles are no doubt very beautiful and also give you the edge of keeping your hair long and yet have the beautiful hairstyle that looks short and feels short.

Short ponytail with long hair is not a very common road to take for hairstyling but sure is very class one that you wouldn’t want to miss this scorching summer.

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