9 Best Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair You Must Try

Thick hair is like a dream come true for girls and women. However, it is commonly misinterpreted that if a woman has thick hair, then she likes to keep it long. Women with thick hair like short hairstyle, but they face ideas about how to tell their hairstylist what they want.

This article will talk about short hairstyles for thick hair, and by the end of the article, you will be able to make an informed decision about what kind of short hairstyle you want.

Short Bob for Thick Hair

Short bob hairstyles for thick hair

Short bob can become an ideal short hairstyle for thick hair, if you have it with bangs. Bobs look great on women who have thick hair, and particularly when the hairstylist adds bangs with it.

Thick bangs are very amazing, and they suit a slim face. If you cut your bangs, make sure they look wispy and you can also side sweep them, as it creates a very enticing and dreamy look.

Asymmetrical Bob

Short Asymmetrical Bob for Thick Hair

There are different kinds of bob hairstyles, including pixie bob haircut. Asymmetrical bob hairstyle is like a regular bob, but the frontal strands are pushed to one side.

Just like the above bob cut, you should have bangs with this bob cut as well, because they would look great. You can choose the size of the bangs; have they cut in a wispier and lighter way.

The asymmetrical haircuts are not very common, but they look very good on ladies who have thick hair.

Bangs That Cover your Eyes

Short thick hairstyles with bangs

The reason why bangs are included in every short hairstyle for thick hair is because they look really good. When you have thick hair, then you should pay special attention to bangs, as they envelope your face and give it a very good look.

It doesn’t matter which hairstyle you wear with bangs, but make sure that your bangs are cut the right way.

If you are wearing your favorite leather shirt, with leather pants, then you might want bangs that cover your eyes, as they would really add flavor to your dress and looks.

Pixie Bob Haircut

Pixie Bob thick Haircuts for Women

The pixie bob haircut gives your face a really dramatic look. If you are a natural blonde or you have dyed your hair, then the pixie bob haircut will look really good on you.

It makes your hair look healthy, and it gives a whole new personality to you. You will look like someone who is fierce and has a striking personality.

Thick Curly Hair

Short Thick Curly Haircuts

Some women have thick curly hair, and they are really hard to manage, particularly if they are long in length. Thus, such women would want a short hairstyle for thick hair and pixie cut is the best option.

The curls would be more prominent on the top, but this cut is short and it will control your curls. A pixie cut here basically means that when the curls naturally fall, it would be an effortless thing and they won’t be all over the place.

When you are getting this haircut, make sure that the sides are cropped as well, and the curls are more concentrated on the front, as it will make your hair look as if it has more volume.

You can also ask your hairstylist to gather your curls to one side, if you like them that way.

Muted Edge Bob

Short Edge Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Muted edgy bob is the perfect short hairstyle for thick hair. The reason is the color that comes with it, and how the color accentuates the haircut. The haircut looks soft and edgy and it is versatile too, because it can suit a nine year old and a nineteen year old as well.

If you have a round face, then you can get layers and ask your hairstylist to create invisible layers underneath as well. This will definitely help you in making your cheekbones more prominent.

Short Layered Hairstyle

Short Layered Thick Hairstyle

If you want a short haircut for thick hair, your stylist will always recommend layers. This is because layers are really popular, when you want a short hairstyle or a medium hairstyle.

Also, unlike other haircuts, layers don’t really remove the volume and show your hair as thick as they are. They also have a very appealing shape and appearance and is a must have, once in a life.

Classy Short Thick Hair

classy short haircuts for thick hair

In a short and classy cut, your hairstylist will include generous layers, as they will provide a model affect to your hairstyle. The front piece of the hairstyle is long, and the hair around the ears can be kept edgy.

If you drive a bike or a motorcycle, or like the look of a tough hairstyle, then this is the right choice for you. This is one of the best and preferred short hairstyle for thick hair.

A-line Style

The A-line style is a popular cut in the category of short hairstyle for thick hair because, when it is layered right, then it looks great.

If you get a round shape of your hair from behind and layers in the front, then that will also create volume. If you are not used to short hair, then this is the perfect solution for you, as it is easy to adapt to.

A-line short thick haircuts for women

No matter which hair style you chose, you should always consider the length and volume of your hair. If a short hairstyle for thick hair is what you like, but you don’t have thick air, but light hair, then that hairstyle will not look good on you.

It will probably make your face look weird, and instead of making an impression, you’ll just be praying for your hair to grow out, so that you can get another haircut.

When you go to a hair stylist, go with research and show them different hair styles like a high and tide fade haircut, but then seek their professional expertise and advice about whether that hairstyle will suit you or not.

If you don’t look good, then why waste your money, right?

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