Superb School Hairstyles for Medium Hair in 2020

Are you half way through your school semester, out of all the hairstyles and thinking every morning only if there existed more for you to make them? We know it is harder when you have medium hair with layers and you are a huge fan of braids.

Well, your wish has definitely come true because you are reading this article which has the most gorgeous school hairstyles for medium hair. Here, we are specifically taking about all the styles that can go with a braid. Let’s take a look!

Center Parted Braid Styles

Oh, this is one those school haircuts for medium hair that suits every hair type. So, don’t worry about your curly wavy or dead straight hair, just focus on the braid.

Simply, middle part your hair and make a braid in the front at each side and secure it with a bobby pin. You may add same style by making two braid at each side and pinning all four together.

It does not necessarily has to be pinned, you can make braids and secure it with an elastic band. Don’t worry if you have a layered haircut as they will not come out of your braid.

Centre Parted Medium Braid StylesImage

Medium Braids with Ponytail

Braid with a pony-tail is an attractive school hair style for medium length hair with layers, especially. Simply make a thick braid at each side but start it from your ear.

Next, make a pony tail and secure it with an elastic band. Then take the two braids, one at a time, wrap it around the elastic band and pin it.

A ponytail with layers looks gorgeous, you can also use a curling iron or a straighter to twist the pony-tail for a different look. If you have layers, little strands of hair in the front can be taken out or left while styling your hair in braid with pony-tail.

Medium Braid with ponytailsImage

Side Braid for Medium Hair

This is a really appealing school hairstyle for medium hair lengths. If you are running out of time, try making a braid at one side and leave the back and other side open.

However, make sure when you pin the braid, it doesn’t show. Means that the speciality of this hairstyle is you have to pin it under the hair leaving the hair at the back loose.

Also, be sure that you make the braid tight and you can also wear cute little studs for an adorable look. If you like, curl the hair that is loose at some events for a different look.

Medium side braid for school girlsImage

These are the most gorgeous types of school hair styles for medium hair looks. In addition, if you have layers, they are the hairstyles that will take less time and will make you feel comfortable all day long.

These are specifically braid and school hairstyles and haircuts for medium hair, however, you may try in a professional environment for a creative outcome. These hairstyles not only suit the casual looks but also formal looks.

Now, you don’t have to worry about making variety of hairstyles every day. Simply, be creative by mixing and matching, combining hairstyles and coming up with your own innovated idea.

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