Effective Remedies for Dry & Brittle Hair : Must Follow

Dry and brittle hair is the most upsetting state whereby they are weak and fragile and highly vulnerable to many more problems like roughness, breakage, hair fall, dullness, split ends etc. In other words, it’s a sign that you need to adhere to an effective hair care regimen to revive the lost sheen and promote a healthy hair growth process.

Since it’s a very delicate matter when dealing with troubled hair; especially such a damaged condition, therefore we need to focus more on the mild yet effective cures to deal with the dry hair.


Remedies for Dry and Brittle Hair


No this is not to get you all drunk up but is in fact one of the ideal solutions for dry and brittle hair. Enriched with proteins and the vitamin B’s, beer is an excellent  tonic for the hair as it works amazingly to  build up some shine and condition the hair thoroughly – something which your dry hair direly needs.

Beer can be used separately or with other products but whichever way you prefer, the results are worth it.  First wet/ wash your hair and spray on some beer and leave it on.

If the smell troubles you, try blow drying so that it becomes bearable otherwise you can also use it by mixing it up with an egg, essential oils or even apply cider vinegar.

Beer for Dry and Brittle Hair

Natural Conditioners

When the hair is dry and delicate, conditioning becomes highly essential. Though there are conditioners available in the market; yet it is better to use natural products for hair that is weak and fragile so that they remain free from the threat of any chemical or cosmetic exposure.

You can make use of Tea Tree Oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, yogurt, Aloe Vera Gel and many more innate products which apart from deal with the frail condition of the hair add shine and revive flexibility.

Natural Conditioners for Dry Hair

Hair Growth Masks

Hair masks are some of the must-to-have products in your hair care kit because there are specially formulated with the vital minerals and products that are proven to boost and help proper and enhanced growth of healthy hair.

There are many types of hair masks for dry and brittle hair in the market but for more effective results you can also try the following homemade recipies.

  1. Papaya hair mask is one of the best cures for hair that is brittle and dry. Mix up a cup of chopped papaya with banana, a cup of yogurt, a tablespoon of honey and some oil. Blend it well and apply the paste onto the scalp and hair and cover up your head with a shower cap. Wash off after half an hour.
  2. Gelatin Hair Mask is an ideal product for making the hair strong and that is exactly what you need when your hair is brittle and weak. Simply heat up some water (about a cup) and add a packet of gelatin and stir it well until it forms a thick gel. After you’re done shampooing your hair apply this gel on your hair and scalp and then wash off after 5-10 minutes. For best results it is recommended to use this product at least once a week.

Hair Growth Masks - Papaya Hair Mask

Banana Paste

Banana is one of the world’s most  ideal beautifying fruit which has an immense richness of minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, natural oils, potassium  etc that work incredibly for breathing in life into dull and unhealthy hair.

Treating brittle and dry hair with a banana paste mixed with two eggs and a bit of honey is a fabulous homemade remedy for dry and brittle hair that helps  restore the flexibility and natural shine of the hair and initiating fast and noticeable hair results.

Banana Paste for Dry and Brittle Hair

Regular Hair Brushing

Sounds quite insignificant right, but not many know the fact that regular brushing of the hair has many hair care benefits out of which there is also a solution for  hair that is brittle and dry.

Brushing the hair tends to help balance out the concentration of the sebum throughout the length of the hair.

Thus, providing the hydrated strands of hair with essential oils works effectively to get rid of the dryness and roughness. Brush your brittle, weak and dry hair soft and gently at least twice a day.

Regular Hair brushing for Brittle Hair

Hair Growth Oils

 The use of hair oils is a century’s old method of for silky and soft hair and thus the ideal means of dealing with the problems of damaged hair.  Renowned hair growth oils like Argan also known as’ liquid gold’, Amla oil, Coconut oil, tea tree oil, olive oil etc some of the best natural products for the  hair that are  brittle and dry.

They tend to not only lock in the natural moisture but also have conditioning and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help minimize the threat of scalp dryness, dandruff, itchiness and many more hair menaces.

Pomegranate seed oil is one of the top items to make use of in this regard because it rich in antioxidants and fatty acids that are medically proven to provide and boost  smoothness and shine in the hair texture and thus a good cure for brittle and dry hair.

Hair Growth Oils for Dry Hair

Preventive Measures for Dry Brittle Hair

Apart from the above discussed remedies for dry and brittle hair, there are certain preventive measures which can also contribute towards eradicating the fragile state of the hair and promoting better health and vitality. Here are the things to be cautious about:

Preventive Measures for Dry Brittle Hair

    • Brittle and dry hair on being wet are highly at risk of falling out and many women adhere to blow drying their hair which not only makes the hair frizzy  but also damages the hair follicles and raises the risk of hair fall.
    • With weak hair it is always serves in the best interest to be cautious with what you do to them. Though chemical dyes and treatments tend to spark up great appeal,  abstain from their use until your hair are strong enough to endure their side effects like roughness, premature graying of the hair, hair loss etc.
    • Use cold or luke warm water when washing the hair because it helps the hair shafts from losing their natural color, moisture and health.
    • Avoid excessive swimming because chlorinated water tends to react harshly on the hair and deprives the hair of its innate health, color and strength.
    • Direct sun exposure is very harmful for dry and brittle hair and tends to accentuate the problem even more so always good to stay protected. You can limit your outdoor routines, quit the sun bathing and wear hats as safety precautions.
    • Stick to a regular trim up.
    • Use hair conditioners after washing your hair.
  • Don’t brush dry and brittle hair when they are wet.

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