Perfect Recipes For Bouncy Beach Curls to Follow

Summer is here, and that means sun, sea, and sand – and the perfect beach hairstyle. Keeping curly hair from looking too dry, or avoiding common hair headaches like flyaways, is essential for that bouncy, natural beach style. Don’t worry – you can easily make your beach hairstyle a breeze, whether you’re letting your beautiful short curls hang naturally or spending a little more time constructing your perfect beach style. From the shower to the beach, styling curly hair can be a breeze with just a few simple fixes.

Managing heat: Be gentle with your curls

While applying heat isn’t the worst thing you can do to your hair, it can still be damaging if you aren’t careful. To look after your hair, you don’t have to throw away your straighteners, curlers, or your hair dryer – just be careful about how you use them.

For curly hair, one of the best things you can do to manage the heat applied to your hair is to use a diffuser on your hairdryer.

Diffusers both help apply less heat to your hair and maintain your hair texture and thickness, letting your curls maintain their structure while still effectively drying it.

If you find it hard to style your hair without losing or crushing your curls, a diffuser could be the best and easiest addition to your routine. With a diffuser, you don’t have to worry about mousse, hairspray, or gel – just blow dry and go! You can be bikini ready in just a few minutes.

Recipes for Bouncy Beach Curls

Structuring your style: Gel, mousse, or spray?

Negotiating a setting spray or any kind of styling product can be hard with curly hair because it’s so easy to dry out or damage. Any gel or spray with a high alcohol content is really bad for your hair, and can make it look broken, dull, or dehydrated so look carefully at the ingredients of your styling products.

To keep those beautiful curls happily moisturized – and styled to perfection – you can still use gels or mousses, just make sure they’re water soluble, and wash out easily.

If they don’t, it’s bad news for your hair, and your curls will just eat it up! Just remember, summer is the harshest time for hair, with all that sun already bleaching it, so be as gentle as you can.

A natural look is a great beach fit, but if you’d rather have a more styled do, watch out for alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfate, both drying agents that can be hell on your hair.

Getting summer ready can be harder than a couple quick fixes, and there are other options, like getting a keratin treatment, but styling your hair at home is probably what you do most often, and better for your wallet. Just remember, be careful about the products you’re using – your hair is extra-sensitive now, so don’t burn it out!

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