Celebrity Inspired Hairstyles for Women to Wear Everyday

You can express the best features of your personality in a better with right and pretty hairstyles. It is extremely important to choose the right haircuts according to your face shape and body structure. But, most of the women and girls don’t know exactly how to choose the exact haircuts that suit them best.

We have compiled some easy and cool hairstyles which you can easily recreate at home without any assistance. Including long, short, wavy, top knot and braided etc. are some pretty styles which boost your personality and make your look more attractive and charming.

So, let’s have a look some pretty hairstyles for women and girls with latest styling ideas.

Long One Sided Outward Curls

One Sided Outward Long Curls

If you have naturally long and black tresses, curl them outward and make a smooth look to get gorgeous look.

Create side parted look, brush them and tuck them behind your ear. That’s all; this is final look of this style.

Messy Updo Style with Long Side Swept Bangs

Messy Updo Styles with Long Side Swept Bangs

Do you have highlighted hair? Create messy updo style for more gorgeous and awesome look. Also add the illusion of side swept bangs with black locks which will really enhance your beauty. This is one of the best pretty hairstyles for females.

Long Layered Bob Style with Bangs

Long Layered Bob Styles with Bangs

Girls wearing long bob hairstyle with bangs really look charming and cute. You can also wear this style for both casual and formal occasions. Try this beautiful shoulder length long bob style with long wispy bangs and razor sharp edges.

Simple and Gorgeous Ponytail Style

Gorgeous Ponytail Hairstyles Ideas

Simple, lovely and cute ponytail hairstyle is also one of the best pretty hairstyles for women which always attract people. Comb back your hair; wrap its base with hair band in one place. This is elegant smooth and finished pretty style.

Low Side Bun with Side Swept Bangs

Low Side Bun with Side Swept Bangs

This is one of the hairstyles which make you look gorgeous and graceful in all age groups. Wearing low messy side bun with side swept bangs is a great way to get prettiest look with simple haircut style.

Always wear one sided low bun with the combination of low suitable side swept bangs.

Highlighted Center Parted Waves

Highlighted Center Parted Long Waves Hair

This is another gorgeous hairstyle for women who have medium length haircuts. To achieve this style, create center parted look. Style your highlighted long brown locks on your shoulders to get stunning and pretty look.

Layered Straight Blonde with Bangs

Straight Blonde Layered Hair with Side Swept Bangs

Women who have fair skin tone and naturally blonde hair color, they must try this style to boost their personality. Long layered and straight style with graduated side swept bangs really makes them so handsome and attractive.

Pretty Afro Hairstyle for Black Girls

Pretty Afro Hairstyles for Black Girls

This is one of the most fantastic hairstyle for black girls. Recreate it in different styles and shapes to amaze others.

Kate Middleton’s Long Bouncy Locks

Kate Middleton Long Bouncy Curls

Kate Middleton’s beautiful long bouncy tresses are also considered one of the most famous and pretty hairstyles among stylish girls and women. No doubt, she has modern definition of hair with charming style of center parted look.

Lady Diana’s Short Layers

Lady Diana Short Layered Blonde Haircuts

Splendid short layered style of Princess Diana is also sign of elegance which she used to wear in 80s. This is recommended style for females who are looking for pretty hairstyles and cuts.

Gisele Bundchen’s Beach Wavy Hair

Gisele Bundchen Beach Log Wavy Haircuts

If you are looking for easy and relaxed beach waves like Gisele Bundchen then this style is one of the best examples which you can follow. Her pretty locks always obsess others because of their shinning and sexiness.

Pretty Side Swept Retro Waves

Pretty Side Swept Retro Waves Long Hair

Females with wavy hair must opt for retro waves. Create a stylish deep side parted look with your texture of medium length waves. Style of deep side part is a best combination with retro waves.

Cute Bubble Ponytail Hairstyle

Cute Bubble Long Ponytail Hairstyles

Wash your hair, blow dry them, then apply hair-styling product like hair gel or paste etc. in roots and base to get smooth look.

At your crowns tie up the half section of your hair in pony. Now from the side of head collect some hair and secure them with elastic in the middle of your head.

Now to create bubble ponytail look, secure at the base of neck and pull hair between elastics. So, this is final look with much pretty style.

Sleek and Straight Hairstyle

Sleek and Straight Hairstyles for Long Hair

This is one of the oldest styles in hair-styling industry and women always like to wear it in special occasions because it is simple and easy to create.

Older women, young girl, celebrities and all other ladies of all age groups like this pretty hairstyle. Ladies who have natural long hair should try this style for inspiring look.

Long Wavy Hairstyle for Girls

Long Wavy Hairstyles for Girls

Gorgeous and elegant hairstyle, which is also most liked style among women. Not only hollywood celebrities but also common women and girls also like to wear it because of its simplicity and sexiness.

Mostly, they use this style during their special occasions and formal events. Try this style to amaze others with your gorgeous and cute look.

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