Natural Hair Products and Hair Revival Tips for Women

Hair care demands a lot. Each of us would have had those bad hair days where you just want to hide your face somewhere and vanish from the face of earth. At such times any hair care product is worth its weight in gold.

However terrible consequences follow suit, due to the accumulation of excessive chemicals. Hair fall, loss of shine, brittle hairs etc. are just some of these.

Nature is a great healer and therefore carries amazing remedies in its bosom. All we have to do is give these natural hair products and tips a shot to experience their magical effect on our hair. Yet not every remedy is suitable for everyone.

You have to tread this path with caution and prudence, so that you can end up with a natural product which suits your hair texture.

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Natural Hair Products and Tips

Following are some easy, effective and inexpensive natural hair products and tips. Apply these on your hair and see how your hair magically transforms.

Say Yes to Shiny Soft Hair

If you happen to have dull and coarse hair then this hair tip is perfect for you. To get luxurious soft and shiny hair, mix one cup of your daily conditioner and add two to three table spoons of honey in it. Afterwards, apply this mixture on your hair.

Leave it on for some time, approximately thirty minutes and then rinse it off using cold water. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly and any traces are not left behind. Your hair’s cuticle will be closed owing to this mixture and you will end up with amazing shiny hair.

Say Yes to Shiny Soft Hair

Home Conditioner for Healthy Hair

Home conditioner is an amazing hair care natural product which is pretty easy to make. All you have to do is mix eggs and yogurt and apply it on your scalp, rubbing gently. After leaving it on for five to ten minutes, wash it off thoroughly.

Home Conditioner for Healthy Hair

Countering Hair Damage by Sun

Summers can be really harsh on your skin and hair. However, the following natural hair products and tips can counter this hair damage by sun.

For this you have to make a mixture of half cup honey, one to two table spoons of olive oil and one to two table spoons of egg yolk.

After applying it for twenty minutes, rinse it off with warm water. This treatment will restore your hair’s health and shine, as it helps to replenish keratin-protein bond.

Countering Hair Damage by Sun

No Brushing in Wet Hair

These natural hair products and tips enable you to reduce hair fall and prevent its breakage. One such tip is to avoid brushing your hair when they are wet, as at this stage your hair is three times weaker and very prone to breakage.

So it’s better to towel your hair dry primarily and if you have to brush at all, then use a wide comb for this purpose.

No Brushing in Wet Hair

Oiling your Hair

Regular oiling can make a great difference for your hair. It strengthens your hair, helps in its healthy growth and brings shine to it.

The procedure is very simple. Just take some oil, heat it for some seconds and apply it evenly throughout your hair. After leaving it in for thirty minutes, shampoo your hair.

Oiling your Hair Regular Basis

Balanced Diet for Hair Care

The crux and bottom line of healthy hair is balanced diet. No matter what products you apply, if your diet is not healthy and balanced then these products and tips would be of no use. Drink lots of water and take raw fruits and vegetables.

You are what you eat and this is reflected in your hair as well. Deploy these natural products and tips in your daily routine and enjoy amazingly gorgeous hair.

Balanced Diet for Hair Care……………………………….

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