Updated Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women Nowadays

Latest mohawk hairstyles and haircuts especially designed for black ladies. Do you want to get a little edgy and trendy style? If you don’t want to wear the same old hairstyles again and again then change up your look to beautiful Mohawk hairstyle.

All we have seen so many top rated celebrities rocking with this gorgeous haircut with different style like short, long and medium Mohawk hairstyle. They also try this hairstyle with attractive bold colors.

Mohawks are not one of those hairstyles in which you must have confident look to wear them. You just have to be simple but edgy or chic look so that you may have sophisticated look in Mohawk hairstyles.

There are so many different kinds of Mohawk hairstyles like curly Mohawk, braided Mohawk, natural mohawk, a relaxed mohawk and Frohawks etc. The best thing about mohawk haircuts is that you can easily quit from this style if you don’t to wear this cut. In this hairstyle you may also have different combinations of colors and lengths.

A Mohawk hairstyle is really amazing and casual hairstyle which is very popular among young girls and women who likes to wear punk hairstyle.

However, we have also seen so many celebrities with this stunning haircut. The tricky and secret way in this hairstyle is that you have to brush your hair a lot in upwards and leave the remaining hair short and brush downwards.

Curly Mohawk Hairstyles for Black Women

In this post we have added some best mohawk hairstyles for black women. You can easily use any of these hairstyles to create your own trendy and unique mohawk haircut.

It is not necessary you have to get the same haircut as these ladies have in these pictures. You just have to try and create your best mohawk hairstyle in a new way because we are sure, try again and again for best styles can give you definitely fantastic results.

Curly Mohawk Hairstyle

Black Women Curly Mohawk Hairstyle

In the early stage of her career, Rihanna was not much famous actress with her short mohawk hairstyle. But you can see here how she looks cool with her curly Mohawk hairstyle which is a shaves tapered side short haircut.

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

Braided Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women

This is also one of the top and beautiful braided mohawk haircuts which Teyana Taylor is rocking beautifully with funky cornrowed Mohawk and spiral curls hairstyle.

She looks very edgy and boyish in this charming Mohawk haircut. I really love her with beautiful earrings and this trendy haircut.

Shaved Side Pompadour Mohawk Hairstyle

Shaved Side Pompadour Mohawk Hairstyle

Do you know some about pop musicians? If yes then you know that famous model and pop singer Cassie gave a stunning look to her fans when she wore first time the shaved hairstyles on both sides.

I wonder how she looks trendy in this picture with best Mohawk hairstyle. It looks like roll, tucked with bangs as a pompadour style.

Afro Mohawk Haircut

Afro Mohawk Haircut for Black Women

Here is an elegant afro Mohawk hairstyle for black women. You have to take a twisty, braided, knotted and cool feathered selective hairstyle to get this trendy Mohawk look. Then take hair pins to secure them in a proper way. This is very accurate and fantastic way to frame your face shape and to style your front hair.

Twisted Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women

Twisted Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women

Now are going to show you the twisted Mohawk hairstyle with messy and relaxed style. You can see a little design of braids on the side of the head in this haircut. You can use this beautiful hairstyle for casual look.

Fire Red-Colored Mohawk Hairstyle

Fire Red-Colored Mohawk Hairstyle

You will definitely like this gorgeous red colored Mohawk hairstyle which is so popular among young girls and women who have green eyes.

This unique style Mohawk will make your eye shining like Rihanna, the most beautiful singer of Hollywood. It’s one side swept marvelous look gives the illusion of one sided shaved Mohawk hairstyle.

If you want to get this elegant style then you have to create twisted popcorn style and secure it with pin.

Beautiful Spiked Mohawk Haircut Style

Beautiful Spiked Mohawk Haircut Style

I personally really like this chic and sophisticated spiky Mohawk hairstyle so much. It’s a mixture of blonde and brown hair color and we can see that how it looks amazing and gorgeous with this contrast.

The best thing of haircut which makes it popular among women is its silver and black layers. This is considered one of the best styles of 1970s.

Cute Curly Cornrow Braided Mohawk

Cute Curly Cornrow Braided Mohawk

You may also get an absolutely new look by combining the cornrow braids and curly Mohawk hairstyle. This is a little bit difficult hairstyle to create and you have to take help of your hairstylist and it will also take some time of yours but once you create it, you will definitely get an amazing and unique Mohawk haircut style as this shown in this picture.

To create this hairstyle, first you have to create braids then for spiral curls use a small curling iron. But remember; always keep your curls wet by spraying them properly at least once a day. This will save your Mohawk from getting frizzy and losing its color.

Natural Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women

Natural Mohawk Hairstyle for Black Women

Now it is a best time to give a new look of natural mohawk by following some kind of unique and trendy techniques. I really wonder how the lady in this picture styled her natural Mohawk beautifully. You have to color a small section of your hair to get this unique natural Mohawk look.

But always choose the best color to tint your hair which suit perfectly so that you can get charming look like the picture shows above. Also, have a cut of edges of your hair properly; this will give you clean and cool look.

Hope, you will like the above given best Mohawk hairstyles for black women. Now choose the best Mohawk haircut to achieve the most cute and adorable look among your rivals.

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