American Icon Michelle Obama’s Hairstyles 2020

Michelle Obama’s elegance and grace has won over the entire American society in 2020 also. She has definitely turned out to be a striking style icon, particularly because of her vivid and ever changing hairstyles. She has known to be continually experimenting with various colors and cuts.

The best part is that these experiments generally turn out to be successful, complementing her features and face.

The first lady has treaded almost all hair arenas, from sleek and pulled back to voluminous and curly. Her shoulder length hair has been manipulated into various hairstyles and up dos, and consequently she has become a throbbing sensation for the hair industry.

Moreover her diverse hairstyles have become an important signal for African American women’s notion of beauty, acceptance and power. Given below are some of the curly as well as sleek hair styles, taken up by Mrs.O for year in 2020.

Michelle O’s Straight Hairstyle

Mrs. O has deviated from her cultural curls and weaves and has manipulated her gorgeous bob to end up in a sleek and silky hair do. She turned up at 10 Downing Street with her hair pulled back in a sleek bob, with a few wispy strands casually and elegantly framing her beautiful face.

Conjugated with a string of white pearls around her neck, this amazing hairstyle has not merely commanded the attention of African women but also proved to be a heart throb in white community.

Michelle Obama Straight Hairstyles

Cropped Short Weave Hairstyle

These Michelle Obama’s hairstyles for 2020 are inclined towards the casual side; as when the first couple ended up at Fort McNair on a casual summer day, both were seen to be sporting easy, cropped haircuts.

For all black women, this summer hairstyle can be an inspiration when you feel like taking things easy and smart.

Michelle Obama’s Cropped Short Weave Hairstyle

Michelle O’s Silky Curly Hairstyle

Although generally, Michelle O has been known widely for sporting her sleek hairstyles, yet on a White House Event, celebrating the musician Stevie Wonder she turned up with sleek curls, symbolizing professionalism, sophistication and style.

Michelle O's Silky Curly Hairstyle

Michelle Obama’s Hairstyling Tips

Given above was a general insight into Michelle Obama’s hairstyles and their incredible diversity. Given below are a few tips shared by Mrs.

O’s hairstylists who believe that you have to wear your hair in such a manner that they go advertently with what you are wearing.

Mrs. O’s Up Tucks Hairstyle

Up tucks go a long way in portraying professionalism and sophistication. Getting this up tuck, which Mrs. O has worn on quite a lot of official ceremonies, is pretty easy. All you have to do is pin up all your hair at the back and then let the front hair fall naturally.

People will probably feel as if you have got a haircut, yet you would be faking the look and it is a great way to add versatility.

Michelle Obama's Up Tucks Long Wavy Style

Michelle Obama’s Shiny Hairstyle

Luminous hair is everyone’s dream. Each of us wants to have shiny, healthy hair like those of Mrs. O. The secret to this hair doesn’t lie in getting constantly barraged by flashbulbs and photographers; rather deep condition your hair so that they are softened and nourished. Eventually when you straighten your hair, they will end up with a luminous sheen.

Michelle Obama Shiny Hairstyles

Michelle Obama’s Ponytail Haircut

Ponytails are the ideal, casual look and Michelle Obama’s hairstyles 2020 also encompass a hoard of such ponytails. Ponytails can be worn from day to night if they are done properly; or if you want to wear the elegant

Mrs. O’s look then wrap a hair strand around your elastic band and you will be ready to knock out any party with your formal ponytail.

Michelle Obama Ponytail Haircuts

Michelle Obama’s hairstyles for 2020 have become an inspiration for African American Women. The diverse array of styles incorporated by Mrs. O make her a stunning style icon, apart from providing the general public with hairstyle palette.

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