Stunning Men’s Haircut for Wavy Hair in Year 2020

Last Updated: November 2nd, 2020.

Wavy hair on men, aren’t they classy. It makes them look like a more masculine and highlights their personality into an incredible person. Of course, we know the internal factors is what matters, however, we also believe that the external factors are important especially, when it is time to attract a woman.

The number of men who have wavy hair is less than the ones who don’t. Here, we have the coolest men’s haircut for wavy hair that you should look into before seeing your hairdresser.

This time, you have to impress them also and it will be great for you to show off your best haircut styles to ladies to impress them nowadays.

Wavy Layers with Side Parting

Wavy layers with side parting style for menSource

Men, it is 2020 so please be professional. Get a haircut with layers and side part time. Now, when we talk about layers, don’t think about the ones women get.

Your layers will be much shorter, just 3 inch overall and then 1.5 from the sides and the back will be moving into a motion. Whether you have thick hair or thin, this is a great men’s haircut for wavy hair to be considered.

If you have a sharp jaw, a beard with this haircut looks beguiling and sexy at the same time.

Wavy Fringe Haircut for Men

Long Wavy Fringe Haircut for MenImage

Whether you have a broad forehead or not, fringes are always classy on men. Not many men know how to pull off a fringe, so if you think you can, you should definitely opt for it.

This is a men’s haircut for wavy hair that has long fringes only 2 inches away from the brows and rest of the hair, shorter than the fringes.

Then brush your wavy hair to the front or even if you keep it natural, you will look the cutest. Make sure to use a hair spray for setting your wavy locks.

Wavy Faded Quiff

Faded Quiff Wavy Haircuts for Men

A faded quiff falls in the professional as well as causal categories. It is similar to the classic mens hairstyle for wavy hair, however, fades in a movement at the end.

The fade looks sexy when it is added on the wavy hair because the movement adds volume to the entire haircut.

Make sure the fade comes clean from the ends and you can use a good gel to keep the quiff settled for as long you want. Try styling the quiff occasionally to give yourself an unpredictably classy look.

High and Tight Wavy Cut

High and tight is a trendy men’s haircut for wavy hair. We have seen men considering this haircut for decades. Whether they have wavy hair or not, they just love it because it suits every type of face cut and hair type.

A beard is definitely a must when getting a high and tight wavy cut. Make sure to tell your hairdresser to use a razor on your forehead for a clean look and also on your jawline for a neat finished beard.

Let’s get one thing straight, these are the coolest yet the most professional men’s haircut for wavy hair. However, humidity can totally make them frizzy and spoil the style until you get to the location.

High and Tight Wavy Haircuts for MenImage

To make them behave friendly, use Oil Non-Oil by Davines for frizz free hair, Original Mineral Project Sukuroi for smoothness and silkiness, Redken Curvaceous Conditioner which is a 2 in 1 formula for nourishing the roots and Love Curl Cleansing area by Davines for a shiny look.

These are the most reliable and usable products of all times that are known for their quality for maintaining wavy hair.

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