Best Long Pixie Hairstyles for Round Faces Women in 2021

Long pixie hairstyles for round faces look very adorable as they add to the cuteness of the round face. But sometimes these hairstyles can go wrong if you get them too cropped up. They just tend to add the roundness more to the face. So whenever you are in mood to get your hair chopped up to pixie hairstyles do not forget that they need to be handled by the expert.

There are many ways to style the pixie haircut such that they make your face look slimmer and more beautiful than you have ever thought of.

The long pixie hairstyles are the new idea that can be followed by you ladies with the round face and we assure you that they would totally rock your looks.

Long Pixie Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Long Pixie Hairstyle with Side Bangs

Long Pixie Haircut with Side Bangs

The side bangs if added with the pixie haircut, they add a slight height to your hair. This height helps your face look a bit oval and elongated shape.

This means that this hairstyle will make your round face more beautiful and slimmer. So why don’t you get this hairstyle and start having fun with hanging out in the beautiful hairstyle.

The other best part of this hairstyle is that if you get the highlights in this hairstyle, it would look modish and fun.

Boyish Long Pixie Haircut

Boyish Long Pixie Haircut for Round Faces

Boyish Long Pixie Haircut for Round Faces

One of the forms of Long pixie hairstyles for round faces is to have the pixie cut that looks a bit boyish but it sure makes you look pretty.

It is especially perfect for the ladies who have the wavy hair as the hairstyle is based upon the idea of having long pixie haircut. In fact the wavy hair gives this style a very retro look.

For the ladies who do not like the wavy hair and have a heart for straight flat hair because they are easy to manage can try this hairstyle and forget the clumsiness that you feel in wavy hairstyles.

Asymmetrical Long Pixie Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Long Pixie Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Long Pixie Hairstyle for Round Faces

Do you have a craze for the short hairstyles or you are growing out your short hairstyle? Why not try Long pixie hairstyles for round faces. These hairstyles such as asymmetrical pixie cut not only give you short haircut but they can make a shout out look of long hairstyle.

Asymmetrical pixie haircut has the ability to make you look edgy yet beautiful. This look is very sophisticated and looks very well on the working ladies.

The best thing is that if you add loose curls in this hairstyle it is just perfect for the parties and hang outs.

So ladies! Try these Long pixie hairstyles for round faces and show off your beauty to the world. The round faces are so beautiful but the slim look can make you stand out as it would be a new turn in your style line.

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