9 Hottest Long Hairstyles for Men & Boys in 2020

The hairstyles are the most important part of grooming for men. Many experts in grooming artist are working on it. There are lots of hairstyles available for men. But every man wants to get the best hairstyle so that he can get his best confidence.

If you want to get the best haircut then there are lots of varieties are available to get the best hairstyle. Your face cut is very important to determine the best hairstyle to you. Many celebrities have a team of hair expert so that they can decide the best haircut, hair color and best grooming. You have to know about every aspect to get the best haircut.

The main aspects or important part is the shape of your face. Best haircut with wrong face shape does not give a better look to you.

All grooming expert give their advice of hairstyle according to your face shape. Some time due to some mistakes long hairstyle can be fixed at a wrong face shape. Then this is not less than a disaster. A professionally executed best haircut also get the wrong face then it will also is a disaster.

So it is very important that hairstyle should give to a person according to his face shape. Different kind of person has a different kind of face shape and geometry. Some have a round face, some have Diamond cut etc.

Professional hairstyle will recommend you the best haircut according to your face shape. So, first of all, you have to recognize your face shape. Here different kind of face shape is described below.

  1. Oval face shape. When you have the same width of your forehead and jar then your face shape is an oval face.
  2. Round face shape. If the design of your face is circular then your face is round shaped.
  3. Square face shape. Broad forehead with the angular jaw.
  4. Heart faces shape. Jaw line is narrow
  5. Triangular face shape. Narrow forehead and narrow cheekbones.
  6. Diamond faces shape. Narrow forehead and jaw line with wide and high cheekbones

So according to your face shape, you should choose your hairstyle. All grooming expert always first recognize your face shape and then suggest you a haircut.

After recognizing face shape you are able to get the best haircut to you. You can apply this hair cut with a different kind of hair grooming. Lots of hairstyles are available to every kind of face shape. Select your face shape get the best haircut to you.

Second important things in hair styling that how are your hair. It can be curved straight long and etc. Different kind of hairstyle can be applied to different kind of hairs. Lots of artists and actors apply hairstyle according to their hairs. If you have curly hairs then grooming expert have designed haircuts for it.

If you have straight hairs then you are able to apply many hairstyles. You are able to change your hairs curly to straight with straightening. And you are able to curl your hair with curling.

You are going to talk about hairstyle for long hairs. To get the best hairstyle for long hairs faster choose your face shape. Then you are able to select your hair like curly hair, straight and silky etc. You can consult a grooming expert to get hairstyles for long hairs.

If you want to get hairstyle in long hair then you are able to put your hairstyle casual formal. According to your hair elasticity like straight, curly, wavy you are able to select your hairstyle. You can choose a different kind of texture like fine, medium etc.

The hair stylist will give you a suggestion according to your age. Then you are able to select your hairstyle like you want to get a haircut like a celebrity or normal cut. Your hairstyle also depends upon your Living Style.

Different kind of hairstyle suit on a bearded face. File with if clean shave face hairstylist will suggest you different hairstyle. Men long hairstyles her name is on celebrities names like David Beckham cut or Brad Pitt cut etc.

Here we are suggesting you some long hair hairstyles for men to sport right now.

Long Side Parted Haircut

In this hairstyle, your hair is elongated towards one side of your face. This is styled by Sasan Zhoulide.

Long side part haircut for men

Loose and Messy Comb-over

The hairstyle is best for a diamond-shaped face shape men.

Loose and messy comb-over haircut for menSource: menshairstyletrends.com

Long Slick Back Plus Trapped Sides

This hairstyle is suited with a bearded face and it is given by Antonio meteor.

Long slick back plus trapped sidesSource: menshairstyletrends.com

Long Combover Volume

This is so much trading nowadays. This is best for those who have a high volume of hair. Andre Fonseca has designed it.

Long Combover Volume Hairstyle for menSource: menshairstyletrends.com

Long Side Fringe Low Fade

In this style, one side of hairs are shaved and other side hairs have big length.

Long side fringe Low Fade Mens HaircutSource: menshairstyletrends.com

Messy Pomp Fade

Men who have  round face shape they are advised to try out this amazing long hairstyle nowadays for more amazing look.

Messy Pomp Fade Long Haircut for MenSource: menshairstyletrends.com

Side Part Hair Plus Loose Fringe

This bold style is best for the diamond shape of the face.

Side part hair with loose bangsSource: menshairstyletrends.com

Messy Look

It suits on bearded diamond shaped face. For men who have wavy hairs.

Long Wavy Hair with Messy LookSource: menshairstyletrends.com

Comb Over with Rolling

You can also apply for a role on your hairs for unique and modern look.

different kind of hair colours can we apply on long hairs. Mostly hairstyle recommended hair colour according to your skin tone. But it is a very important part of recognizing your face shape and best hair colour to your hairstyle.

Combover with Rolling Haircut for MenSource: menshairstyletrends.com

Different kind of hair colours can be applied to some specific hairstyles. You should get the best hairstyle on your long hairs and then apply best hair colour on them to get the best grooming. If your skin tone is bright then you should apply dark colour like red dark blue or black hair colour on your hairs. But if you have a dark skin tone then some specific hair colours can be applied in your hairs.

Different kind of texture on your long hairs can be used. You can highlight your hairs with hair colour. Like one end of here can be colored with one colour and the other end can be coloured with another colour.

Mostly hairstyles can easily be applied to long hairs.

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