Best Long Haired Dachshund: Wire Haired Dachshund

The long haired dachshund originated from Germany; therefore it’s a German type of species. It’s the most beautiful variety of Dachshund in Germany and is similar to the Irish setter. The long haired dachshund    has varieties of soft, long, slightly wavy hair that are longer on the neck.

The tail forms visible fingers and the fur is chestnut colored that is reddish brown which is a mixture of brown and black.

The dog has long hair, intelligent, lively, skillful, obedient, and with a study sense of smell.  This creature is widely known for its perseverant, active, curious as well as it dominant characteristics.

Best Long Haired Dachshund Dog

What is surprising about the long haired dachshund is how the dog is attached to its family, because the family to this creature is the most important thing in its life. Furthermore, this dog is said to be reserved with strangers and also socializes with children as well as other dogs from an early age particularly when the dog grows up.

The dachshund hunting instincts is to churn playtime with another animals into a hunt.

Long haired dachshund as a pet is an amazing animal and kind of a friend to make your life feels and becomes fulfilling. It is bold, tenacious, devoted, kind of protective and furthermore, protective.

Cream Long Haired Dachshund

This dog, bears lots of energy, playful, makes fun and outstanding why is considered as the best pet to live with is. A part from long hair dachshund dog, being outgoing, the dog also is fond of  being part of everything  as well as  requires lots of attention  and moreover  scratches from  the owners.

These dogs are scent hound dog breeds and are said to have bred to hunt badgers as well as other tunneling creatures such as rabbits.

The ancient people used Dachshunds for trail wild boar but in modern society the dachshund versatility makes them good family companions and small game hunters.

Long haired chocolate dachshund

Anyone who is to share his or her home with a dog, it is advisable to deal with some level of dog hair on ones clothes and in the house. It has that characteristics of stranger friendly dogs that is good guests with a wagging tail and nuzzle whereas others are shy, indifferent and also aggressive.

This type of breed is exposed to lots of different types, sizes, ages as well as  shapes of people  as a puppy that is said to be excellent responsive to the strangers as an adult.

In addition, dachshunds is characterized by hearty appetites and normally tend to put on weight easily so when picking a breed that is prone to packing on pounds, it is better for one to limit her treats, to ensure that the dog gets sufficient exercise and measure her daily kindle in regular meals instead of leaving food out all the time for the dog to eat.

Long Haired Dachshund Images

Furthermore, contrary to known belief, small size do not significantly an apartment dog make, it is beautiful and pretty of small dogs that is too high energy and yappy for life in a high rise.

It is also endowed with quality of being quit, low energy and fairly calm indoors while her politeness with other residents make her a human friendly pet for you to live within your apartment.

Dachshund is a dog which is naturally delightful in addition to any family. This make the dachshund be ranked among the top most popular lists from 1950s to date.

Her cute appear ant and lively disposition have inspired as well as attracted emergency of many affection able nicknames for the breed such as hot dog, sausage dog and do die.

Long haired dachshund Pictures

Due to her comical appearance, this dog breed has long been a favorite subject of cartoonists and toy makers. Her short legs help the dachshund to dig and as well maneuver through tunnels to corner and also fight badgers and others rival animals, while her large chest give her plenty of heart for the fifth.

The dog is said to be brave which at some time make it stubborn and have independent spirit.

Long haired dog is beautiful pet to live within your house or travel with her during treat and adventure because it sport the look of luxury, though it is attached to a price when it comes to maintain the dog.

Long Haired Dachshund Puppies

To make the dog neat and clean it is important at all time for one not to neglect to care for the poaches flowing locks  because can results to a dog  experiencing severe discomfort for the dachshund that will be attached to strange smells and when taken good care of  nothing beautiful and playful than the dachshund.

The long haired dachshund is like people, they need trims every now and then. It needs to frequently get a trim because, if not done properly and regularly, her hair is going to grow unwieldy and also ragged.

In case one finds it hard to maintain long hair, short haircut is to save time as well as reduce the risk of the dachshund sullying her coat with stains, tangles and also mats. Depending mostly on how much the dachshund sheds, it has been established that, a long haired dog can necessitate frequent cleaning around the house.

Miniature Dachshund Long Hair

In case the dog is shed, it is advisable to spend much time vacuuming and dusting any surfaces where hair can land.

Finally, Dachshund is friendly type of dog due to its comical clown. The dog loves to play games and has a great and amazing sense of humor so is good pet to stay within your house and when going out for fun.

This dog is loyal too little dog and further more attached to her family, as well as the dog is usually good with other family pets.

The  only problem with Dachshund  is that they  can be jealous when they want special attention and is possessive of their toys but it’s worthwhile mention long hair that dachshund makes a an excellent house dog due to her good characteristics.

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