Little Boys’ Haircuts 2021: Cute Hairstyles for Baby Boys

Is your little boy full of fun? Then he definitely deserves something that is both fun and entrancing. Why not go ahead and give him a haircut which complements both his age and the spark of his age?

 There are a multitude of little boys’ haircuts out there. From spikes to curls, straight to kinky, messy to edgy; you can surely come across a hairstyle which is just made for your little prince.

These little boys’ haircuts vary according to the facial structure, texture and ethnicity of hair. Following are some of these cute haircuts which will definitely bring out the best of your young boy.


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Short and Textured Little Boys’ Hair

This cute haircut has a very classy air about it. It is short at the back and at the sides but slightly longer at the top. If you are looking for a no-fuss hairstyle, then this is indeed the one you had been looking for.

These little boys’ haircuts can be styled by a little firm hold hair wax or pomade. Moreover this is the ideal hairstyle for boys who have cowlicks and a lot of growth patterns. Get this haircut a trim now and then and enjoy its handsome looks.

Short and Textured Little Boys' Hairstyle

Medium Length Little Boys’ Haircut

This is a medium-length hairstyle. It happens to be both sober and dashing simultaneously. It is tapered at the back and around the years but the length increases when you reach the top.

This haircut will look a little formal on your little boy. Styling it is very simple. Just break your comb to get the perfect parting.

You can style it when the hair is still wet and if you want it to hold for long, and then a styling product can also be made use of. This haircut works extremely well for fine-textured or a little wavy textured hair.

Medium Length Little Boys' Haircut

Little Boys’ Spiky Hairstyle

These little boys’ haircuts are trendy and just way too cool. Generally it works well with hair which is thick and straight. Originally it is a super-short hairstyle which is voguish and casual. The hair is kept short around the sides and on the front.

Little Boys' Spiky Hairstyle

Toddler Boy’ Messy Haircut

Some little boys can pull off this hairstyle just right. It has a cute little messy edge to it. The hair is tapered at the neck and around the ears, but is longer at the top.

The best part is its long bangs and wispy texture. This can work well on straight to wavy hair.

Styling it is pretty simple. All you have to do is brush your fingers through your wet hair and you end up with perfectly styled hair.

Toddler Boy' Messy Haircut

Little Boys’ Long Hairstyle

These little boys’ haircuts have been in vogue since a long time, although not everyone can pull them off.

These hairstyles are a little shaggy with long bangs, lots of texture and a razored edge around the ears and at the neck. Light hold pomade can be used if you want to give it a little texture and shine.

Moreover it works really well for kids who have longer ears as it camouflages them. However sleek straight hair or curly hair won’t be able to hold this rock haircut.

Little Boys' Long Hairstyle

Little Boys Curly Haircut

If your boy have wavy or curly locks then it is time he shows them off which this hairstyle. These little boys’ haircuts are pretty natural. This style is slightly pushed forward.

This gives a wispy texture to the hair as well as bestowing a messy air upon it. Medium to thick curly hair can pull off this haircut.

Little Boys Curly Haircut

Little boys’ haircuts enable you to experiment with your handsome boy’s hair and ultimately help give him that hairstyle which complements his entire personality. So go ahead and pick the perfect hair do for your perfect little prince.

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