Best Layered Haircuts for Long Hair in 2020

Last Updated: November 1st, 2021.

Layered haircuts are one of those styles which are most famous in all over the world in 2020. This is considered best trendy haircut with various haircut lengths. Layered haircuts for long hair 2020 have been also worn by so many famous celebs and stylish women in this season.

You can show your long layered haircuts in different ways like asymmetrical layered haircut, ombre styled layered haircut and long layered haircut with bangs etc.

If you want to get exciting and fresh look for your long layered haircut then you’ve to go throw this whole post so that you may get best haircut ideas. So let’s discuss some best layered haircuts for long hair to wear in the year 2020.

Long Layered Blonde Haircut 2020

Long Layered Blonde Haircut 2020Source

Just adding layers to long hair is really stunning for every face shape. Whether, you you’re wear your hair in up or down style this is one of the versatile haircuts in 2020.

Long layered haircut in blonde shape enhances the volume and movement of your hair. You may easily wear this hairstyle according to your own choice and hair texture.

Layered Curly Hairstyle for Long Hair

Layered Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair 2020

Long layered haircut looks awesome with curly and wavy hair as we compare it with simple straight hair. Look at the given style, layers really look gorgeous with curly hairstyle. Furthermore, you may add highlights to your curls to make them more shining.

Long Layered Haircut for Brunettes

Long Layered Haircuts for Brunettes 2020

This special hairstyle is for those who want to wear brunette or brown hair color style with layered haircuts. Brunette is one of those colors that are most suitable for layered hairstyles.

In this style, front layers make your face shape attractive and from back it creates different angles. Although, it can be wear for every type of long hair but if you have healthy and shiny hair then this hair color is wonderful option for you.

Long Choppy Layers for Women

Long Choppy Layers for Women 2020Source

Choppy layered style is for those who have naturally thin hair and want to boost their personality. We have seen a lot of women who have made their look fabulous and cute by wearing choppy layered long hairstyle.

Almost every hairstylist knows about this style, so you can easily get this haircut in 2020. You can say this is one of the edgy haircuts to wear in 2020.

Face Framing Long Layers 2020

Face Framing Long Layers 2020Source

Juts simple long hairstyle can be boring in some way for so many people, but you can easy make it stylish with different face framing layered hairstyle.

If you have straight and brown hair then this is really fantastic style for you to wear in 2020. It will highlight your face feathers and make your hairstyles shining and bold.

We assure you to get trending haircut just by adding a few layers in your long hairstyle. We can say it is totally different hairstyle in 2020 which make you feel confident and fabulous among your friends and fellows.

Blow Out Layered Hairstyle 2020

Blow Out Layered Hairstyles 2020Source

Another wonderful layered hairstyle which really makes you feel you visited your hairstylist on every day. Blow out layers are one of those hairstyles for long layered haircut that you can create easily for special events and fashion weeks etc.

Silky Side Parted Layered Hairstyle

Silky Side Parted Layered Hairstyles 2020Source

You can also wear silky middle parted layered hairstyle for your long hair if you don’t want to wear side parted style. But we’ve seen so many top female celebs who worn this style in the form of side parted haircut with their long layered hairstyle 2020. So, choice is yours.

Shaggy Waves for Long Hair 2020

Shaggy Waves for Long Hair 2020Source

Shaggy long layered hairstyle is also so much famous haircut in 2020. Although, this hairstyle is worn by so many beautiful celebs, but “Sandra Oh” looks stunning by wearing it. Her smoky eyes and bold red lips enhance the beauty of this haircut.

Long Layered Blended Curls 2020

Long Layered Blended Curls 2020Source

To get this beautiful long layered hairstyle with blended curls you should have to be blended and round curly texture around your head. This is best hairstyle for layered hair that you can carry without extra hair weight.

This is one of those hairstyles which are suitable for any face shape. The best trick is to increase your layers on both sides.

Sleek Straight Layered Hairstyle

Sleek Straight Layered Hairstyles 2020Source

Sleek and straight hairstyle for layered hair is best option if you’re thin and wispy layers. We have seen thin hair with stylish wispy layers give absolutely stunning look to everyone.

This is best creative way to get some kind of different haircut for 2020. Due to its simplicity and easiness almost every woman wants to wear it. If you’re long length hair, you just have to go to your hairstylist to get help about this layered haircut.

Half up Beehive Layered Hair 2020

Half up Beehive Layered Hair 2020Source

Last but not least, half up half down classic layered hairstyle is also best idea to wear in 2020. This is considered modern hairstyle look like 60s stylish haircut. If you have naturally long and healthy hair, try this haircut to get one of the best looks for long layered hair 2020.

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