Stunning Japanese Hairstyles for Women and Men 2020

A perfect and good hairstyle enhances a person’s overall personality. Every country has its own culture, tradition, and styles. Like other norms and values, the hairstyles of every country are different from others. And when we talk about Japan it has its own unique hairstyles for both males and females. These unique Japanese hairstyles give you an astonishing look. Japanese love to do experiments with their hairs and introduced various classic hairstyles.

Japanese hairstyles for girls:

There is an unlimited unique hairstyle for Japanese girls. Are you looking for the best and most trendy female Japanese hairstyles? The most trendy and iconic Japanese female hairstyles are discussed under.

  • Top knots

Top knots a hairstyle followed by the western world was actually originated in Japan. It is a Japanese hairstyle. Because it gives you a beautiful edgy look that’s why girls love to have this hairstyle. It is easy to make and easy to handle. Japanese girls tie their top knots with the hair sticks. And to make it more beautiful they use various hair accessories.

Top knots japanese hairstyles for women

  • Simple twist braid

A very common and loved Japanese hairstyle is the simple twist braids. Girls can make a twist braid at one side of the hair or at the backside.

For this they just take a small part of the hair from the front of any side. It can be right side or left side. And cleanly twist the hairs and use a simple hairpin to hold the twist together. It looks super cool at the short hairs.

Simple twist Japanese braids hairstyles to try

  • Braid ponytails

For shoulder-length and long hairs braid ponytails Japanese hairstyle looks stunning. It not only gives you an innocent look but also ties your hairs perfectly. To make this hairstyle divide your hair into two parts.

Now make two twist ponytails of the divided hairs leaving some hair at the end. Tie the ponytails with a rubber band. Now join both ponytails and tie them with a ribbon or a rubber band.

Braided Japanese ponytails for Women

  • Formal Pixie

Formal pixie is an ideal hairstyle for short hair lovers. Nowadays this hairstyle is in trend. It is easy to manage and you don’t need to waste time in setting them. These formal pixies give you a confident look. In this hairstyle the hairdresser cut the layers short.

And at the front the size of the layer gets shorter as you go upwards from the forehead. These short and uneven layers give your hairstyle a perfect look. Light brown hair color to some of the layers add more beauty in this hairstyle.

Pixie japanese hairstyles for 2020

  • Smoky lob

Japanese girls especially teens and adults love to color their hairs with smoky colors. For example, dusty black, and grey. These smoky colors compliment their skin tone. Besides the color the add waves to their hairs.

The combination of waves and color goes perfectly with short, middle length, and long hairs. To add more style in this hairstyle girls also cut the front hairs in short layers.

Smoky lob japanese hairstyles

Japanese hairstyles for men:

Japanese boys love to look mode and stylish. To look more beautiful they designed their hairs in different styles. The most stylish and iconic hairstyles for Japanese men are listed below. These hairstyles are in trend and enhance your overall personality.

  • Samurai Bun Hairstyle

Giving you a gentleman look Samurai Bun is a famous Japanese hairstyle for men. It is one of the most famous and used bun styles among men. In this hairstyle man tie his top long hair in the form of a bun at the top of the head. While making the bun leave the side normal cut hairs.

This hairstyle looks like a top knot. It suits the most to the men with angular face cut. It gives you an amazing look especially if you have long hairs and angular face structure.

Samurai Bun Hairstyles for Men

  • Disconnect undercut with a messy style

A trendy Japanese hairstyle most loved by the youngsters is the disconnect undercut with a messy style. You don’t need to put much effort into setting this hairstyle. In this hairstyle the hairstylist trimmed both sides of the hair. And gives the hair volume to the top.

Moreover, he cuts the top hair in layers giving them a messy look. It gives a rock and roll look to the youngsters.

Disconnect undercut with a messy style

  • College Boy

College boy is one of the most decent and stylish Japanese hairstyles. This hairstyle has a medium length fade along a long top. In addition to this it has extremely short hair sides. You can easily maintain and manage this hairstyle by brushing the top hairs.

It is now becoming more popular among college going students and teens. Besides Japan in the few Asian countries youngsters are loving to have this Japanese hairstyle.

College Boy japanese hairstyles

  • Funky Volume top hairstyle

A very simple and easy Japanese hairstyle perfect for the medium hairs. It complements well with the round face. This hairstyle involves a heavy hair top as compared to the side hairs. To give the hair a heavy volume hair sprays are used. If you are going to a party this hairstyle is the best choice.

Japanese Funky Volume top hairstyle for men

  • Back ponytail hairstyle

For the long hair lovers back pony is a perfect hairstyle. It gives you a confident and smart look. It also makes it easy and comfortable for you to handle the long hairs.

You can also make various styles of ponytails with your long hairs. For this hairstyle mess the hair locks a bit and then tie them at the back with the help of a clip. It is one of the most adorable and cute hairstyles of the Japanese boys. And in recent years it is in the trend.

Japanese Ponytail Hairstyles for Men

Bottom Line:

Selecting a perfect hairstyle that goes with your personality and face structure is a tough task. But you can select a Japanese hairstyle from the above-mentioned styles.

These styles are really easy to adopt. You don’t need to waste your much, energy, time, and resource to maintain this hairstyle. Within minutes you give your hair an outstanding Japanese hairstyle.

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