How to Get Natural Silky Soft Hair : Easy Ways

Dull and dry looking hair is a definite sign that you need instant hair care measures to revive the lost shine and flexibility. But are you still spending heftily on products to treat your tedious and damaged tresses and pondering over effective ways on how to get silky soft hair?

Well this is a common beauty woe faced by millions of women out there who are distressed by rough and sordid looking hair and eagerly sleek methods to have strong and lustrous hair full of vitality.

Though there are many advance hair care treatments for silky soft hair nowadays to help get quick results; yet you can work the natural and safe way to breathe in life in to dreary hair the economic way.

Simply try out the following handful guides and tips for having healthy and shiny looking locks within no time at all:

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Silky Soft Hair Natural Style

The Dietary Channel

Let your beauty work its way inside out the yummy way through a healthy and balanced diet. Yes, this is one of the most imperative pre-requisites to ensure if you want to have soft and silky hair the natural way.

Before aiming for bringing in a natural flash of shine and a smooth hair texture through different measures, you pretty much have to focus on supplying your body with foods that have the innate essentials to provide the blood stream with core ingredients vital for hair enhancement.

Ensure a menu with a balanced intake of, fatty acids, eggs, dark vegetables, ample water, fruits and food items that have the Vitamin B family, folic acid, vitamin E, Iron etc to provide and boost the inner process of development of better hair growth.

The internal stimulation will facilitate better hair structure, revive shine and smoothness giving you great manageability and strength.

Dietary Channel for Silky Soft Hair

Conditioning Hair Masks

Regular conditioning is an open beauty secret of women with silky soft hair. Hair masks are some of the cost-free ways to have softness and better verve of the hair within a short span of time through effects of conditioning products renowned for their amazing hair care results. Here are a few top hair masks for soft silky hair.

Conditioning Hair masks for Silky Hair

  1. A combination of honey with egg and hair oil is one of the best mixtures to try out if you want to seek a solution to the query on how to get glossy flexible hair the quick way. Simply beat up 2 whole eggs and add a tablespoon of honey along with nay hair oil you use; preferably olive or coconut oil and blend them well. Add this mask on to your scalp and hair and leave on for 30 minutes and wash off.
  2.  Another truly amazing treatment for having silky soft hair is to mash up a ripe avocado with Aloe Vera gel, a table spoon of hair oil (which ever you prefer), honey and 2 egg yolks. Batter it up well and apply on to your hair and scalp. Cover up your head with a warm towel ( like that in a hot oil treatment) and leave it for at least half an hour then wash off. This gives a fabulous shine and extreme velvetiness to the hair even after the first treatment and so is a definite hair mask to try out.
  3. Mayonnaise is the third on our list of the best products for soft and silky hair. Simply apply mayonnaise on to your hair strands and leave on for 20 minutes then wash off with shampoo. You will experience a ravishing flash of shine and great health of the hair with this item. So don’t just eat it, Apply it!
  4. If you’re not comfortable with or cannot take out the time for hair masks, then you can always make use of leave-in conditioners after washing your hair as they tend to help smooth out hair shafts and make them more manageable and shiny. It’s one of the top tips for silky soft hair for women on the rush.

leave-in Conditioners for Washing Hair

Keep it Cool!

High temperatures are a fatal call for the hair as they lead to their instant wear and tear of the outer layer of the hair shafts and make them rough and undesirable. One of the preventive ways to get hair that is silky soft is to abstain from certain practices that undermine their innate health and vigor like washing hair with hot water.

Though a hot shower drains out all the stress from the body but this act can be a great blow to your hair. Direct hot temperatures damage hair cuticles and make them rough and shabby by depriving them of their natural oils and natural hair color.

So the next time you rush in for a shower, try keeping it a bit cool for the head or simply use a shower cap and wash hair separately with luke warm or cold water. Also avoid excessive direct sun exposure as that too harms the hair structure and health.

Keep it Cool Temperature for Healthy Hair

An Oil Rub Down

Natural products are deemed to be the safest and most result-oriented ways of having the best physical condition of the hair. An oil massage or hot oil treatments are some of the century’s most effective remedies for soft and silky hair.

Regular massage with hair oils like olive oil, almond oil, argon oil etc tend to increase blood circulation and amplify the development rate and also provide the hair follicles with the required minerals and nutrients that boost better hair growth, revive an inherent sheen, strengthen up the roots and make the hair soft and flexible.

Oil Hair Massage for Silky Hair

So if you greatly desire to bring about some noticeable and confidence boosting shine and vigor into your worn out looking hair, worry not as every problem has a solution and this case is no exception. Just try the above mentioned tips for hair that is soft and silky and enjoy a sound health of your crowning glory.

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