How to Get Rid of Oily Hair Fast: Best Tips & Ways

Last Updated: May 23rd, 2019.

Are you a working professional who barely gets time to shower and cook food? Well, you are lucky if you are still single. We know how messy your life must be, to get out of bed every morning thinking to take a shower. You know showering every day also leads to hair fall if you don’t have enough time to take care of your hair?

Either you make time for your hair or you buy a product that helps you on how to get rid of oily hair fast. The decision is yours to make, however we have mentioned easy tips that can help you in this dire situation.

Wash your Hair

Wash your hair to get rid of oily hair

One important point to remember on how to get rid of oily hair fast is that you neither wash them too much nor too less – it has to be washed in the right frequency.

If you take a shower and over wash them, it might lead to removing certain covering off your scalp which further increases to reproduce more oil I your hair.

Shampoo your Hair

Shampoo your hair to get rid of oily hair

Don’t just apply any shampoo. If you really want to know how to get rid of oily hair fast,it is important that you apply the most suitable shampoo. For that, you might have to buy different samples to try them out.

When you have found one, the trick to applying is that you pour some on your palm and make gentle circle with your fingers on your scalp.

Make sure you don’t use nails as it will destroy your scalp without you even knowing. Again, be gentle, you have to take out time for showering at least.

Condition your Hair

Condition your hair to get rid of oily hair

Sometimes the brand you are using for shampoo isn’t the same brand you might use for conditioner. So, be wise and buy multiple samples and test the best conditioner that suits your hair.

Conditioner basically makes your hair smooth and soft. Also, remember that conditioner is applied at the ends of your hair, not on your scalp.

Go all Natural

Natural ways to get rid of oily hair fast

The best remedy on how to get rid of oily hair fast is to leave your house with natural hair. Now, by that we don’t mean you go with wet hair.

Of course, you will wait for your hair to dry in as much time as it takes and then leave with the natural look.

Don’t try to dry your hair with a blow-drier immediately or straighten them directly after showering, it will cause damage.

Clean your Brush or Comb

Clean your brush or comb for Oily Hair

No matter how expensive shampoo and conditioner you apply, it all goes to waste if you don’t clean your brush. It is not embarrassing as everyone’s hair comes loose while you are brushing them.

Make sure to be really gentle and start from the ends at any cost. One tip you can apply is when you wake up in the morning, lay down with your head off the bed and gently run fingers between your hairs.

It increases blood circulation which is really helpful for the growth and thickness of your hair.

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