Gorgeous Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair in 2020

Last Updated: November 2nd, 2020.

There are often times when you are almost done getting ready, you have worn your favorite outfit, but there’s still something left. Most of you must have guessed right. It’s your hair, which still needs some touch-up. You are clueless of what hairstyle would go with that attire?

If you have hair that is not so short and not so long here are a few Hairstyles for Medium Length hair to help you rock all the outfits in your wardrobe.

1. Voluminous Ponytail

Are you a fan of ponytails? It is true that all of us prefer Hairstyle for Medium Length hair that do not require much of a hassle but still look flawless.

Voluminous Medium Ponytail Hairstyles for Women

All it requires is brushing your hair thoroughly, making a half ponytail. And then secure the rest of your hair with the help of a hair tie and bobby pins. Going out to a party? Put on some hairspray. And yes, it is done. It will also make your medium length hair look longer than usual.

2. Breezy, Messy Braids

Messy Braids for Medium Length Hair

Braids are one of the simplest yet one of the amazing hairstyle for medium length hair of all time. Breezy braids are just your traditional side braid with a small addition.

All you do is comb your top part of your hair back to the crown of your head and then braid your hair. This Margot Robbie inspired look is truly a great one for medium length hair.

3. Half up Style

Half up styles for medium length hair cuts

A trend of the 90s but still a cute option with medium length haircuts. All you need to do is comb your hair, putting half your hair in two pigtails. Tie them like ropes, and coil the rope into buns. Tie the buns with hair ties.

There you have space buns reminding you of a vintage trend. This look is the one you can rock at all those parties and will make you look gorgeous.

4. Barrel Curls          

Medium Length Barrel Curls for Women

Love curls? But going to a not so formal event? For your medium length hair, we are there to save your day. Here’s a look inspired by the charming and elegant Kate Middleton. Take out your straightener. Put in the hair, twist it and pull your hair.

Apply hairspray for a long-lasting look. But before you use your straightener, do not forget to put on heat protective spray to avoid damage to your precious hair.

5. Fishtail Braids

Medium Length Fishtail Braids Styles

A memory of school days when your mom used to make your braids. You can still rock that look, just add clear elastics at the end to make it not look childish and you are done. A casual look to pull off a regular day at college.

6. Inside out Ponytail

Inside out Ponytail Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

Running out of time, yet going to someplace important. Turn your normal ponytail into a stylish one. Tie your hair in a ponytail, make a hole above the hair tie and pull your hair out of the hole. 

Your medium length hair would look marvelous in this hairstyle and people won’t believe that how easily you have done it.

7. African American Haircut

African American Haircuts for Medium Hair

A stylish party look, perfect when you’re going out with friends. This hairstyle does not require any sort of special equipment. This is a hairstyle you can do under a minute.

Pull your hair on one side. And just add some loose curls topping the look off with hairspray. You won’t believe how amazing medium length hair looks in such a hairdo.

8. Ballerina Bun

Ballerina Bun for Medium Length Haircuts

A bun is something you can pull off when you plan to look casual, comfortable but stylish at the same time. Pull your hair up high and into a sleek bun, using a hair tie and our favorite accessory of all bobby pins. And you are ready to rock your favorite outfit hassle-free with your medium length hair in a cute ballerina bun.

9. Straight Medium Haircuts

Simply straight hairstyles for medium hair

Curls, buns, ponytails are a nice option but are you fed up of pulling off your hair like this on every occasion? Let’s change the look a bit. Take out your straightener and straighten your hair.

Just make sure you use proper temperature settings of your straightener such that your hairstyles for medium hair is not damaged in the process. And here is how a professional look can be achieved without much hassle.

ust make sure you use proper temperature settings of your straightener such that your Hairstyles for Medium Length hair is not damaged in the process. And here is how a professional look can be achieved without much hassle.

10. Crown Braids for Medium Hair                   

Crown Braids for Medium Hair cuts

With the wedding season around, you can easily style your medium length hair into a wonderful hairstyle. With a center parting and that traditional crown braid, you can look absolutely gorgeous and receive all those likes on your Instagram pictures. Plus, it is really easy to style this way.

11. Slicked Back Look

Slicked Back Medium Length Haircuts for Women

Yes, you have guessed right. This look is inspired by Bella Hadid, one of the prominent names in fashion. It is not only one of the most amazing looks of the red carpet but is a look that can easily be achieved by simple steps.

Be it prom, fresher’s party or any other special occasion you can very well rock this look with your favorite outfit.

12. Center Parted Waves

Center Parted Medium Waves Hairstyles Trends

A hairstyle that would look great especially on occasions like weddings. You can absolutely rock this relaxed look with your formal attire this wedding season.

All you need to add in some curls using a curling iron on a center parting. It’s a cherry on top if you have highlights, as those soft waves then will create a bold look.

13. Casual Low Bun

Casual Low Bun for Medium Length Haircuts

Are you looking for hairstyles for Medium Length hair that would match perfectly with your sparkly new dress for a party, but does not look too formal at the same time? Then here’s the one. Low buns that will make you look an elegant lady but yet is simple to make.

14. Medium Afro Cornrows

Afro Cornrows for Medium Haircuts for Women

Yes, this one takes some time. But at the same time, the end result is worth it. For medium length hair, it is one of the Hairstyles for Medium Length haircuts which are a great choice indeed.

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