Gorgeous Hairstyles for Waist Length Hair Women

Growing hair till the waist requires a lot of care of the hair as discipline. Hair that is extremely long can look unkempt, messed or under maintained if they are not given proper attention and tied or styled properly. Following are some of the hairstyles for waist length hair that do require some time to make but they make the hair look very glamorous.

Waist Length Long Length Braid

For styling, first of all, brush hair well and tie them with a rubber band and place it on the back. Then, a lot of other hairstyles can be made with this ponytail. Braiding is a good style for longer hair and you need to part the hair into three sections.

After making the braid till the bottom, you can tie a rubber band after leaving a little length of the hair upbraided. Also, this braid can be used for further styling.

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Long Length Braided Hair for Waist Length

Waist Length Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Take the long length of the braid, and roll it around one point to form a bun. The braided bun looks very stylish and can be made for a formal look as well. The braid can be folded twice and then tied or pinned in place to make another hairstyle.

Amongst the other hairstyles for waist length hair and the braid is a side bun where you can wrap the braid in a wrapped bun. You can also decorate the hair with flowers and antique hat pins or head scarves around the bun.

Waist Length Ponytail Hairstyle

Waist Length Ponytail Braid

Waist Length High Ponytail Hairstyle

For the hairstyles for waist length hair, one can make them in order to keep the hair tidy and also gather the weight around the head so that too much pulling is not felt. Another hair-do can be made by separating the hair into half and put the top half into a ponytail.

However, then making the ponytail do not pull the last strand all the way through and let it stay. In this way, more volume is added at the top.

This makes a nice casual hairstyle for waist length hair and is good because most of the volume and weight is gathered at one place and does not bother or look unkempt.

Beautiful French Braid

Waist Length French Braide

Waist Length French Braid Hair

Moreover,  in the list of chic hairstyles for waist length hair is the french braid. It starts at the top of the head and is harder to make in extremely long hair. However, it will keep the hair tight and they will not disturb you in any activity.

The French braid changes into a normal braid for the longer length after the nape of the neck. it is up to the stylist if she wishes to change the braid at the end into a pony tail or even a dutch braid.

Overall, styling such long lengths of hair is as hard as their maintenance but when a girl is disciplined about the growth of her hair till the waist, she can definitely be enthusiastic about styling the hair with some effort.

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