Charming Hairstyles for Long Faces Women in 2021

It’s a common perception that having a long face has certain limitations to adapt certain styles that are in fashion. Although, it is true to some extent but with a few modifications in your hair, you can be the most ravishing and beautiful among many.

Like adding bangs, curl, waves etc can make a good bit of change in your hair style.

Following are certain hairstyles for long faces that will guide you to a manner in which you can change and modify your haircut.

Hairstyle for Long Faces with Bangs

Hairstyles for Long Faces with Bangs

Bang Hairstyles for Long Faces

A very easy to switch style among hairstyles for long faces is that people with long faces should have to increase the width of their bangs.

This will suit a lot on them and will make their faces appear a bit shorter and will partly cover their foreheads too.

With this rule you can adapt any type of style ranging from having bangs which are either blunt or a bit more in length than the usual, side parted hairs to centrally parted hairs. So now you don’t have to worry, just add bangs and give them more width.

Waves and Curls for Long Faces

Black Wavy Hairstyles for Long Faces

Short Curls for Long Faces Women

Longer length hairstyles are not recommended for long face as it usually not suit on long faces and is considered as a bad hairstyle for long faces.

It usually drags the face down, which is a top most query of women with long hair and long faces. Everyone can prove this perception about long hairs wrong if you add waves or curls and add some width on either sides of the face.

Adding in this, a bob with long side swept bangs is best for thick and longer hairs.

Shoulder Length with Heavy Fringes

Shoulder Length with Heavy Fringes for Long Faces

Shoulder Length Heavy Fringes for Long Face Women

Shoulder length haircuts are adorable for most women, but for long faces they get more importance if they are added with heavy fringes. Shoulder length hair don’t drag the face down and heavy fringes provide icing on the cake.

For that reason they are much in vogue now a day and add soberness with style in the overall makeover. Such hairstyles are quite the style statement for many celebrities and media persons these days.

Curly Hairstyle for Long Faces

Curly Short Hairstyles for Long Faces

Curly Hairstyles for Long Faces

Curly hairstyle is an ideal choice among hairstyles for long faces if you are lucky enough to have those enchanting natural curly hair.

They look so good on the women with long faces. Women with natural curls and long faces are more flexible in their approach to adapt any hair style.

Curls with side parting, curls with bangs, curly bob are there to be implemented. Addition to this hairstyle whether it is in terms of modifications or using extensions or highlight with them is always appreciated with this kind of haircut.

So there was an overview of the hairstyles for long faces with solutions of long faced women, They can simply employing simple techniques can come up with their stunning and gorgeous looks and can set their own style statements.

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