Fabulous Haircuts for Long Thin Hair in Year 2020

Don’t you just adore long hair but the conflict of having thin in volume makes you take a decision of chopping them off every single time? Well, there are a hundred of haircuts you can get while letting them grow long while they are naturally thin.

We have the trendiest haircuts for thin long hair that you can rock without getting too worried about them all day. A pro tip is to use a dry shampoo because washing your hair every day or alternatively can lead to hair fall.

A volumizing and a thickening spray does wonders as well, however, make sure to use a reliable product in the right amount. Too much of any product can just damage your hair and it is important that thin hair has to be taken care delicately.

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Long Angled Bob

This is a haircut for thin long hair that is levelled till shoulder length and cut in a style of a lob. It does not really matter if you have straight hair or curly, this is a trendy haircut that is perfect for your hair type.

You can make different hairstyles like 2 thin braids on each side and pin it at the back with some curls, a little pony-tail when you are working out and a half up-do when you are going to work.

Side parting will look versatile if you consider bangs with an angled bob.

Long angled bob for thin hairImage

Layered Long Shag

If you desire to grow long hair but the volume of it stops you every time, you should definitely go for layered shag. This haircut for thin long hair incorporates with layers that adds volume to your hair.

It can look even more creative if you decide to get highlights done for some movement and make hairstyles that are twisty and curly to give it a gorgeous look.

A plus is that you can always open this hairstyle, especially if you work in a corporate company where the dress code is formal.

Layered Long Shag for thin hairSource

Textured Bangs for Thin Hair

Are you struggling with your thin hair and broad forehead? Don’t worry, you can always get a haircut with textured bangs that will compliment your face and hairstyles for thin long hair.

The style of bangs has to be cut long that they touch your eye-brows and keep the length of your hair as long you want.

You can make a bun and stick a flower on it leaving your textured bangs flowing naturally, they look really cute.

Long Textured Bangs HaircutsImage

These are the amazing styles of haircuts for thin long hair looks that you can get on your next appointment. However, having long hair does not mean that you grow them without being aware of split ends that actually can lead to damaging your hair.

Be clear about your hair, it completes your look, even the women who cover their hair have to take care to avoid hair fall and damage.

Your first priority should be to make your hair healthy and then grow them long. Eat a lot of vegetables, don’t over wash them and use a reliable product on them.

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