Perfect Hair Cut Style for Short Hair to Show Off in 2020

In the past, it was considered that you cannot style your short hairs.  But today it is not true. Now you can style your short hairs in a similar way you style long hairs. Yes, the method will be different but you can style them perfectly. Search perfect hair cut style for short hair and you will find unlimited styles. For both girls and boys now having stylish short haircut styles is not a problem.

Short haircut styles for girls

Most of the girls find it hard to handle the long hairs. Therefore, the girls preferred to have short hairs. And especially in summers, girls love to have short hairs. Girls now have unlimited short haircut styles and can easily choose one from the list. The most iconic and perfect short hair cut styles for girls are listed below.

Side fringe with tousled bob

Side fringe with tousled bob haircuts

Get a stylish and attractive look with this perfect short haircut style. It is easy to maintain and suits every type of face length. In this haircut one side of the hair has fringe and has a less volume.

On the other hand, the second part of the hair has tousled bob. It has more volume compared to the other side. The layers are also slightly big in length.

Long bangs with pixie

Long bangs with pixie haircuts

For teenage girls and working ladies, this short haircut style does wonder. Whether you have thin or thick hairs you can opt this style.

In this haircut style, long bangs cover your forehead and pixie style gives a perfect look to the rest of hairs. The volume of hair decreased gradually from top to bottom. It is easy to maintain. In summers it is super comfortable to have this haircut style.

Razor cut pixie

Short Razor cut pixie Styles

It is a great hair cut style for short hair that gives you a sophisticated look. In this haircut style, you have long layers and short layers.

On one side of the head you have deep side part. It adds volume on one side of the hair. Similarly the mixture of long and short layers gives you a balanced look. You can have this haircut on any kind of hair texture.

Asymmetric bob

Asymmetric bob cuts for short hair to Show off nowadays

Asymmetric bob is a simple going haircut style. It gives you a classic and teenage look. School and college going students are loving this haircut style.

In this haircut style, you have non-symmetric bob. One side of the hair is short in this haircut. While the other side has long hairs. The shorter layers come on your forehead from one side. It gives you a perfect look.

Shaved side with Edgy bob

Shaved side with Edgy bob haircuts to Wear in this year

A shaved side is in a trend among both males and females. In the shaved side with edgy bob haircut style one side of the hair is shaved. While the other side has edgy bob with long layers.

The edgy layers of the backside cover a small section of your shaved side. It gives your hair a balanced and great texture. To add more beauty to this haircut you can color few layers of your hair.

Short haircut style for boys

Boys mostly love to have short haircut styles. As they have to spend most of their time outside the house. Secondly, they don’t have time to manage or maintain their long hairs. The most trendy and famous short haircut styles for boys are discussed here.

Buzz Cut

Buzz Hair Cut for Boys and Men to Wear Nowadays

Buzz cut is like a military haircut style. Because in this hair cut style the hairs are cut in a shorter length. For the short haircut lovers this haircut style is a treat.

It is in demand for centuries and is still in a top trend haircut list. In this haircut style the hairstyle trims the hairs in the shortest length evenly. At the end of the head he shaved the hairs. It gives you a sophisticated look. You don’t need to maintain it or to worry about its styling for months.

High and tight fade

High and tight fade cut for boys and men

Like the buzz cut, this haircut is also the best option for the short hair lovers. In this haircut style the sides are trimmed from the upper sides. While sides and back are shaved from the bottom. To give it a perfect and evenly look hairdressers come from trim to shave section gently.

At the top of the head the hairs are blended. The blending of high and tight fade works like magic. It gives you a perfect look and goes well with every hair texture.

Fringe Haircut style

Fringe Haircut style for Men and Boys Nowadays

Are you looking for a stylish and sexy haircut style? Then you should try the fringe haircut style. This hair cut style confirms that you can look sexy with short hairs too.

In this haircut style the sides and the back of the head are cropped and from the bottom shaved. While at the top it has wavy, long, and bit messy hairs. It gives your hair a small volume and a good look.

You can decide the length of the fringe according to your face structure. This hair cut style for short hair looks equally stunning on the curly, wavy, and straight hairs.

Short comb over fade

Short comb over fade haircuts for Boys

This short hair cut style enhances your personality and gives you a professional look. In this haircut style one side of the head is trimmed or shaved. While the other side of the head has a long fade. You can easily maintain it by combing on that side backward. You can set the size of the fade on your own by discussing it with your hairdresser.

Slicked back haircut

Slicked back haircut for Men

Like few other cool haircut styles slicked back is an amazing style. It gives you a refined and classic look. The sides are cut short in this haircut style.

While the top has haircut styles for boys. If you have thick hairs than top hair will cut in short length. You can easily style your slicked back hair by brushing it. Moreover, you can set your hair with the help of a simple hair gel or spray.

Final words:

Nowadays having a best hair cut style for short hair is not a big deal. If you love to have short hairs you can style them too with short haircut styles.

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