Amazing Hair Cut Style for Round Face Shapes in 2022

For both males and female deciding a haircut is a difficult task. As they have to select a hair cut style according to their face structure and personality. A good haircut changes your overall look. However, you need to think and decide the haircut style before going to the hairstylist.

Nowadays, you can find a lot of haircut styles and can choose the one. Looking for a hair cut style for round face then you are in the right place. The most amazing haircut styles for round faces are discussed here.

Haircut styles for girls with round faces:

For a girl with a round face, various amazing haircut styles are available. Whether you have short or long hairs you can style your hairs in the best way. The most amazing and trendy haircut styles for a round face are mentioned here.

Major Volume on Bottom:

A trendy style for the girls who love medium length hairs. In this haircut style, top has straight hairs and at the bottom it has wavy cut.

To give volume to your bottom hairs with wavy layers cut loose curls are used. And these curls give your hair an amazing look.

If you are not a fan of curls you can just stick to the wavy layers. It looks cool on the round faces and also super easy to maintain.

Haircut style for round face with volume


For round faces bangs is a very common yet stylish haircut style. Bangs cover your forehead and give your face a balanced look. In this haircut, bangs are large in length as it covers your eyebrows.

But you can decide the length of the bangs. It is fun to have these bangs. You don’t need to put any effort to maintain this haircut style. You can get this haircut style with shorter hair or medium length hairs.

Haircuts for round face with Bangs

Side Part with Medium Length Layers:

Another amazing hair cut style for round face is side part with medium length layers. In this style, the side part comes straight down and have medium length layers.

While on the other half of the hairs you have layers at the front that comes on your forehead. Besides that it has medium length layers too like the side part. It gives you an elegant and classic look.

Side part with medium length layers

Page Boy:

A haircut style that gives you a blunt and confident look is a page boy. It is a haircut style for short or medium length lovers. In this haircut you have bangs that cover your forehead.

Moreover, it has asymmetrical lines that come towards your chin. Girls with round faces love this haircut.

It is not hard to maintain. You can easily manage it. And the most amazing thing is that you don’t need to style. Because it as it is a style on its own.

Page boy haircuts for round faces Women

Long Razor Cut Layers:

With an ideal length and texture, this haircut style gives you a perfect look. This haircut has more layers and the longest layers come down the shoulder. And the length started to decrease while going upwards. To cut these layers the razor is directed vertically towards the floor.

Long razor cut layers for round face shapes

Haircut styles for men with round faces:

Deciding a haircut style that is in trend is not the best thing to do. You need to pick the right haircut style that goes with your round face. Here are the most ideal men’s hair cut styles for round face shapes. These haircut styles give you a stylish and amazing look.

Side Part:

For men who are looking for a sober haircut style, it is the best style. In this haircut style the top of the head has short hairs and the sides have shorter hair that ends up at the shaved part. It is an ideal haircut style.

As it distracts the attention of the people from your face to the sides of the head. You don’t need to do anything to maintain this haircut style. It gives you an ideal look without putting any effort.

Side part haircuts for men with round faces

Spiky Haircut Style:

With this amazing haircut style, you can add volume in your shorter hair. In this haircut style you have shorter hairs on the sides and at the top have short hairs.

You give it volume by making spikes. With the height of the spikes balanced your face structure. The side fades add more beauty to this haircut.

Spiky haircut style for men for round faces

Modern Quiff:

For men with a round face, this haircut style is an ideal choice. In this haircut style sides have short hairs. While the top of the head has long hair.

The top hairs are cut in a way that gives your hair a volume. You can simply set your quill by combing it up. Its height goes with your round face.

If you are going to attend a party you can easily style it. You just need a simple hair gel and a comb or brush. Apply gel on your quill and brush it in the upper direction.

Quiff haircut style for men with round faces

Straight Shag:

For the boys who want medium length hair straight shag is a good option. It is a hairstyle that includes layers and a jerky finish.

The shortest layer ends at the middle of the ear. And the length of the rest of layers increased gradually. These layers give you a choppy finish add shape to your round face. You can manage them in a simple and easy way by just combing it.

Straight Shag haircuts for men

Swept-Back Quiff:

A quiff is a part of different haircut styles for every type of face structure. For round faces the best quiff haircut style to have is swept-back quiff. It gives you a classic and gentleman’s look. On one side it has short hairs and quiff on the backside.

While on the top of the head it has high volume hair. And this high-volume hair has swept-back quiff. You can set it by combing it backward.

Swept-Back quiff haircuts for men with round faces

Bottom Line:

Finding the best hair cut style for round face is a bit technical. However, now you have various options and choose the best one. For both males and females these haircut styles play an important role in balancing their face structure.

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