Pretty Hair Cut Style for Long Hair You Must Try in 2020

Hairs are the most important feature of a girl’s personality. At first glance, the thing normally people notice in a girl is her hair. Long hairs not only gives a stunning look to a girl but also gives her a vast range of options to style her hairs. Nowadays most girls feel hesitant to have long hairs despite their wish due to the fear of mishandling them. But it is not a problem anymore. Now select a hair cut style for long hair from the styles that are available to make it super easy for you to handle and style them in minimum time.

Haircut style for girls is available now in an unlimited number and girls can select any of the haircut styles for their long hairs that go with their look or face structure.

Layers in three sizes

Layers are the best haircut style for long hairs that gives it a fined and stunning look. Short, medium, and long layers through your long hairs give it a healthy look. With this haircut the styling of the long hairs becomes easy as you can opt various hair styling options too according to the event.

In normal routine, this haircut doesn’t need any special treatment as you can move around with open hairs.

Long Layers Hair Looks in three sizes

Swoopy, long layers

If you have thin long hairs with some natural waves you must try swoopy, layered haircut styles. It balances your hair volume in a perfect way by adding more volume to it. With this haircut, you can get a classic look and you can leave your hair loose because whether you tie your hairs or leave them loose it, this haircut gives you a charming and gorgeous appearance.

Swoopy long layers hair cut styles for Women

Front layers

Giving a heavy look to your straight long hairs the best haircut style you can have is the front layer. Probably it is one of the easiest hairstyles that give you a different look from your normal style. Start the front layers from your jawline, chin, or cheekbones.

It’s totally up-to-you from where you want to start it. But the above mentioned three points are mostly recommended to adopt according to the structure of your face.

Front layers for Long Haircut Styles

All-Around layers with sharp ends

Looking for a stylish look hairstyle for your long hairs with an easy to go mode is the all-around layers with sharp ends. The layers started from the 2 inches high from its length and cut with downward scissor’s direction for sharp edges. It gives you a stylish and a different look even from normal layer haircut.

Long layers hair with sharp ends

Subtle Layers

You want a haircut to change your hairstyle and look but never want to lose even a single inch length of your hair than subtle layer is a Perfect haircut styles. Giving your hair a flawless look without decreasing the length of your hairs is amazing as all its layers are blend or merged perfectly in each other.

long Subtle Layered haircuts

Bangs cut

Bangs is a hair cut style that goes perfectly with the straight hairs. Whether you have layers cutting and want to give your straight hairs another shape bangs are the best option. Mostly girls are loving this razor cut bang style.

It covers your head and the appropriate size of the bangs must be up from the eyebrows or some bangs can come over the eyebrows. But must ensure not all the bangs covered your eyebrows as that will affect the look of bangs and the results will not be the same that you were looking for.

Long haircut styles with bangs

Poker straight cut

Most of the hairstylists are using razors to cut the hairs in perfect shape. For your straight hairs layers must be cut keeping in mind your face size. The hairstylists prefer poker straight cut so that your hair can complement your face.

In this haircut the layers will start to cut from the chin and will come down. To give the layers a perfect cut razor is used because cutting the straight hairs in a perfect way is an art.

Poker straight cut for long hair to Try Nowadays

Long side bangs

The girls keen on having a one side hairstyles, long side bang is one of the Perfect hair cut styles for long hairs. In this style you do not need to have various layers with the same length long hairs you can go with this haircut.

The only thing you must know before going to the hairstylists is the side where you want to have a long bang. The stylist will cut the one side long bangs in different sizes that will give you various options to style your hairs with various hairstyles.

Hair cut style for long hair with side bangs

Long two-tier haircut

If you have thin long hairs and want to give it a volume than go for the wavy two-tier cut. This haircut style is a trick to transform your thin hair into healthy and wavy hair. Layers must be starting from your chin and should come down.

Ask your hairstylist to never start it from above the chin as it will not give your hair a perfect and flawless shape.

Wavy two-tier cut for long layers to show off

Long feathered layers

The working ladies are always looking for a haircut style that gives them a classic and elegant look. As they have to meet with a number of people their appearance matters a lot. They need to carry themselves in a professional and iconic way.

For such ladies long feathered layers hairstyle is amazing. Heavy hairs at the top and thin layers at the end in feathered style gives you a different and stunning look.

Long feathered layered hairstyles

Final Words

A perfect haircut style can change your whole personality either positively or negatively. Therefore, it is important to choose a hairstyle that goes with your personality. In the past, there were few haircut styles for the long hairs and mostly girls used to have a simple U shape or V shape haircut but now you can select a hair cut style for long hair.

Most appealing and stylish looking haircut styles for girls having long hairs are mentioned above to help you out to select one hairstyle that adds more charm and confidence in your personality.

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