Beautiful Hair Braiding Styles to Try This Year

Summer is here and you are looking for hairstyles which not only keep your hair away from your face in a manageable position, but also look cute. This is where hair braiding styles step in. Braids have been in vogue since centuries.

This hairstyle has been attracting women folk across the globe because of its intricate beauty and the vast potential it has inside it for versatility.

However, some hair braiding styles are really complicated and piss you off especially when you do not end up with results that you want. Owing to this very reason, we have accumulated an array of beautiful and easy braiding styles.

These will come in real handy next time when you are running late for school or for work, since they are easy to achieve but look glorious.

Keep on reading below to find out the secret to achieve these enticing braiding styles.

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Hair Braiding Styles for Women

Cute Fishtail Side Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail Braid looks cute and chic if done rightly. However you need textured hair to hold this braid. To get this braid, gather your hair at one side at the base of your neck. If you have trouble in managing your hair then you can make a low ponytail and secure it with clear elastic.

Then, divide the hair of your ponytail into two sections. Take hold of one section and wrap a strip of hair from the other section over it.

Repeat this process with the other section. Keep on braiding alternately until you are left with no more hair to braid. At this juncture secure your hair with clear elastic.

To achieve the perfect braided look, take a pair of scissors and carefully cut away the other clear elastic. You will end up with a beautifully done and seductive fishtail braid.

Cute Fishtail Side Braid Hairstyle

Crowned Bun Hair Braiding Style

Buns are a common hairstyle, taken up by majority of women, whether they sport long hair or medium length hair. It’s time you add some spice to your buns or up dos with braided crowns.

These hair braiding styles are excessively attractive and can be achieved either with French braids or simple braids.

Just gather your hair in a bun at the nape of your neck, leaving two section of hair out at the side of your head. Braid these sections into two braids and pin up these braids at the other side of your head. You will end up with a pretty and easy crowned bun.

Crowned Bun Hair Braiding Style

Braided Sporty Pigtail Haircut

Braids do not imply that you are old-fashioned or out-dated. Rather the impression people get for your braided hairstyle can be direly contrasting if you know what to do with your hair. If you are looking for something sporty and chic, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you.

To get this look, part your hair into three sections. One section ought to be horizontal and at the front of your head, while the other two ought to be vertical and at the base of your head.

Braid the hair at the front of your head so that they look like braided bangs, whilst bring the other two sections at each side of your neck. Braid these two sections and enjoy a super chic braided hairstyle.

Braided Sporty Pigtail Haircut

Braided Bob Hairstyle

These hair braiding styles work tremendously well for short hair. To achieve this look, create a deep side part. Start French braiding your hair from the part to the opposite temple.

This braided section ought to be an inch wide. You can secure it with an elastic or bobby pin. Style the rest of your hair like you normally does.

Braided Bob Hairstyle

The hair braiding styles given above will definitely make people turn their heads to look at you, as these styles embody elegance and sophistication. Since these hairstyles are comfortable to carry, easy to wear, and beautiful to look at; therefore you ought to give them a shot. Trust us, it is worth a try.

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