Best Geometric Slicked Back Updos Hairstyles for 2021

Geometric slicked back updos hairstyles are a great way of transforming your look. These hairstyles look absolutely stunning since they provide a very trendy and modern appeal. Perfect for adding attitude to any look, these hairstyles will always give you the extra attention that you need.

Geometric hairstyles work best on medium to long length hair that is straightened so that it looks perfectly slick. The geometric factor lies in the crazy partings and edgy twists that take the hairstyles to a whole new level.

Geometric Slicked Back Updo

Geometric Slicked Back Updo Hairstyle

As you can tell from the name, this hairstyle adds a triangular touch to the hair. Begin with straight hair that is styled with a wet look gel or pomade. This will help the hair to look dead straight. Next create two angular partings so that it forms a point in the middle of the hair. This will give the triangle look.

The triangular area in the middle should be pinned by pushing slightly forward. This will enable the triangle to look 3D and will give a lift to the hair. Ensure the sides are slicked back behind the ears and you are ready to go!

Slicked Back Bun Hairstyle

Slicked Back Bun Hairstyle

Slicked Back Bun Smooth Hairstyle

Classic Slicked Back Bun Hairstyle

Geometric slicked back updos are all about the slicked back appeal. As long as your hair has been styled to create a wet look and then slicked back, you can really go about creating any hairstyle at the back. A great way to get your hair looking glamorous is to put it into a bun.

Slick back the entire front section of the hair and put it into a bun at the back. This hairstyle is very edgy and gives an almost red carpet feel.

The best part, it takes only a few minutes. Just make sure that the bun is securely bobby pinned in place. You can also create messy updo at the back by randomly pinning sections of the hair into a bun.

Top Knot Hairstyle

Slicked Back Top Knot Bun for Girls

Slicked Back Top Knot Bun Style

Jennifer Lopez Slicked Back Top Knot Bun

The top knot looks spectacular when the hair is slicked back. It is one of the easiest to achieve of the geometric slicked back updo hairstyles.

This hairstyle provides a very chic and elegant appeal that is great for a day out or even work. Apply a wet look gel or styling product to the hair and slick back with a comb. Pull the hair right the way up to the top of the head to create a top knot.

Ensure that everything looks smooth and use bobby pins if you have to. Pair this look with pretty stud earrings to create more emphasis.

Geometric slicked back updos haircut use no hard and fast rules. Provided that the hair is slicked back, you can experiment with the rest of the hair. The idea is to keep the hair looking wet and slicked to the head. You can also slick back the hair and tuck it behind the ears for another effortless look.

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