14 Fresh Spring Hairstyles Ideas You Must Wear in 2022

Spring is coming and it’s time for fresh and stylish hairstyles. This season is about freedom, youth and beautiful scents. With the perfect hairstyle you can enjoy this great time much better. It’s best to choose a simple, creative look that’s quick to cast. When it gets warmer again, we immediately feel like the new spring hairstyles.

From rose gold hair to octopus buns, we have collected the most beautiful spring trends for you in 2022. We also show you how to style the looks quite easy!

Finally no more hats! Gone are the days with fleecy hair, flat approaches and deep ponytails. From now on, we show our colors and wear the latest hairstyles for 2022! By the way, they also work when the winter weather strikes again.

Rose Gold Highlights

Rose gold is not only the trend color in terms of it drinks, jewelry and clothing. Even with hair colors we love the soft pink. We conjure this up in the spring of 2022 in the form of delicate highlights in the hair.

Rose Gold Highlights for Spring Season

Halfie Spring Hairstyle

Half Bun? Sure, cool! But what’s even nicer in Spring 2022: Half up hairstyle! This is also true for influential influencers and stars such as Heidi Klum, Bella Hadid.

Best Half Up Spring Hairstyles Trends for Women

Curtain Bangs

Micro ponies and straight-cut ponies radically change a look right away. A gentler method is curtain bangs, which surrounds the face like a curtain and also grows out faster. Already fans: Victoria’s Secret Models like Elsa Hosk and Taylor Hill. They style their curtain bangs quite skillfully.

Curtain Bangs Spring Hairstyles for Women

Scrunchie Hair Looks

Yeah, the 90s are back! And our favorite accessory that should not be missed in spring: Scrunchies. They are used in all kinds of hairstyles and can be used in many ways.

Scrunchie Hair Style Looks for Spring

Double Top Knots

Also, we already know this look from earlier: Squirrel already wore the Spice Girls and Tic Tac Toe.

This spring they are experiencing their sensational comeback. Here’s how it works: Pull the center parting and divide hair into two parts. Turn the first strand at the top of the head to a worm and fix it. Repeat with the other side – done!

Double Top Knots Bun for Spring Season

Octopus Bun Style

Thus is another great hairstyles to wear in spring season 2022. In the spring it may be a bit casual. Then we wear the already casual bun namely in a messy version.

Octopus Bun Haircuts for Spring Season

Mermaid Spring Hairstyle

Just like the octopus bun is inspired by the sea, the so-called mermaid hairstyle. Especially in the romantic spring, we are completely blown away by these great braided hairstyles in the style of Arielle.

Modern Mermaid Spring Hairstyles for Women

Boho Curls for Spring

With curls in bohemain style, you can conjure up an irresistible look without much effort. These stylish curls succeed both with the classic straightening iron or with the alternative without heat.

With this hairstyle you look very much like the island, the ocean and a beautiful cocktail on the beach!

Boho Curly Spring Hairstyles and Haircuts

Half Bun Spring Hairstyle

This bun is also one of the famous haircut ideas in spring season. It is also guaranteed to be a big trend again this year.

The style has been seen by famous stylists, models and fashion bloggers around the world since last year. The hairstyle is extremely easy and only takes a few seconds to create.

Best Half Bun Spring Hairstyles for Ladies

Long Twisted Hairstyles

If you are wearing your hair open but do not want to have any disturbing strands on your face, this style is perfect! Divide your hair into a center parting. Then you take the two front side hair parts and split them into two equally thick strands.

Then you start with one side and  twist the two strands together (not braiding, only turning). When you arrive in the middle of the back of the head, you pin the twisted strand. The same thing you do with the other side.

Then you divide a hair part of the lower head from the side and put them from top to bottom through the twisted braids and put the whole, if necessary, still with hair clips firmly.

Finally, you can fix the hairstyle with a little hair spray and comb through again.

Long Twisted Hairstyles for Spring Season

Messy Bun Haircut

The messy bun is a cool hairstyle that you can wear on many occasions and events. This hairstyle succeeds super fast and you can do it everywhere, whether at home, on the road or with your best friend.

From a party night to a wedding, the messy bun can accompany you everywhere, be it Urban Chic or Glamor Style.

Spring Messy Bun Haircuts for Women

Sleek Ponytails

For the tough braid, you’ll definitely need freshly washed and well combed hair as you’ll be using a lot of hair products.

Sleek ponytail is versatile and looks great for a luxury sports outfit or an elegant dress. This hairstyle works best with straight hair, so be sure to use a straightener or even a ceramic plate.

Sleek Ponytail Hair styles Ideas for spring season

Two Dutch Braids

The Dutch braid is almost a reverse French braid. This spring, it is particularly fashionable to wear two Dutch braids to give your style a particularly delicate and sweet look.

Just try it. If you already know how the French braid goes, this should not be a problem for you.

Two Dutch Braids for Spring Season

Twisted Side Braids

That is probably one of the best spring hairstyles in 2022, right? This style is also very fast. You simply comb your hair back and grab two thin strands from the top of your head. These you twist together.

Take another thin strand under your twisted braid with in the braid. Then you twist the two games together and grab again a small strand below, which you also wrap around the twisted braid.

Twisted Side Braids Hair Looks for Spring

So you wind now strand by strand on the braid and twist them together. Thus, the individual strands of hair are getting thicker. When you arrive on the other side of the head, fix the braid with a hair tie.

Your remaining hair should then rest loosely on the shoulder. To hide the hair tie and give the hairstyle a summery look, you can also use a flower hair band or a flower here.

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