Fantastic French Twist Updos for Women in 2021

French twist updos hairstyle are usually reserved for more formal occasions. These hairstyles are elegant, sophisticated and certainly very attractive. The French twist updos are usually reserved for events like weddings and proms among a few others as they go well with the formal and elusive dressing for such events.

However, these hairstyles can also be worn in offices by experimenting with them like wearing them in a slightly loosened fashion. The aura of sophistication and complexity that surround these beautiful hairstyles is amazing and awe-inspiring.

Some of the best french twist updos hair ideas are given below.

French Twist Sideway Updo Style

French Twist Side Updo Haircut

French Twist Sideway Updo Style

French Twist Side Swept Updo Hairstyle

The classic sideways french twist updo is the best hairstyle to go with if you are trying a french twist hairstyle for the first time.

This hairstyle is stylish and brilliant looking and amazingly perfect for your desired formal occasions along with easy styling techniques which saves you precious time, easy to attempt and much less annoying.

The hairstyle features a sleek and straight look with the help of a straightening iron and the hair made into a french twist at the side rather than in the middle near the nape. This is certainly one of the most simplistic and elegant french twist updos hairstyle one can choose.

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French Twist Curly Updo Hairstyle

French Twist Curly Updo Hairstyle

Taylor Swift Curly French Twist Braid

French Twist Curly Updo Hair

This is a cute little twist to the french twist updos hairstyle which is not very exuberant or eccentric but slightly different and very stylish and graceful.

The hairstyle features a usual beautiful french twist at the back while the top of the head features a side parting and the hair made into elaborate and gorgeous curls. The curls can be made using a curling wand or a curling iron according to your choice and feasibility.

Additionally you can use accessories like wearing a hair band on the top or using a large flower (natural or synthetic flowered clip) with your twisted bun to give your hairstyle an extra glamorous appearance.

The style was seen worn by Taylor Swift lately and since then has become very popular among young females especially as the hairstyle of choice for proms.

Casual French Twist Updo Style

Casual French Twist Updo

Casual French Twist Wedding Updo

Casual French Twist Prom Updo

The casual look to the classic french twist was much awaited and desired by women who absolutely adore the french twist updos hairstyle.

As the casual french twist has reached the market, many women have started opting for this hair style for their offices and work as this hairstyle gives you the freedom to wear at in formal events other than proms and weddings without looking out of place.

The hairstyle features an uneven side parting with fringes coming out of both sides to frame the face. You can even curl these fringes to give an extra effect. The back of the hair are made into a classic but loose and disheveled french twisted bun.

The hairstyle is kept slightly loose overall to give a more natural and in formal appearance. With this experiment, women are now able to wear the lovely french twist updos hairstyles almost anywhere.

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