Easy French Braid Hairstyles for Special Events 2021

French braid hairstyle is a kind of braids in which three sections of the hair braided together from the crown of the head till the nape of the neck. This style has been used since several years and is much famous among women and girls. Braids never go out of fashion and hairstyling. They are cool and stylish.

They are gorgeous and popular. They are adorable and casual. They can have a lot charming looks inside and outside.

They can be fishtail style, Dutch style, tucked and coiled. You may use them for your inspirational look for any occasion. They have different variations and styles which you can use to create something different braids for you.

French braid hairstyles are now so famous and hot among ladies. This is always being a favorite style in especially for young girls.

We have seen it on different big and special occasions like red carpet and runways. Braiding your hair is one of the easy and enjoyable arts for you. It looks some complicated but once you have mastered this simple braid then you can create a lot others type of french braid styles.

Ladies can make their feelings famines, natural and cute after choosing proper braid haircuts.

Here we have compiled a list of top and latest french braid hairstyles that will really inspire you to create look like them.

Basic French Braid Style

Basic French Braid Hairstyles

In very basic or simple braid hairstyle make three sections of your hair for braiding together. Start braiding them from the crown of the head and repeat this technique to the nape of the neck.

During this process add some more hair in each section and braid them thoroughly.

You will get the finally the smooth woven pattern of your braiding hair. The best and individual thing of this simple french braid is that, anyone can make this style in very short time without any assistance.

French Braided Bun Hairstyle

French Braided Bun Hairstyle

Have you created basic french braid? If you have done that then you can create french braided bun style easily. In this style make braided chignon curls on one side of your head and secure it with pins. This is a final look of this haircut.

Easy Twist French Braid Style

Easy Twist French Braid Hairstyle

This is also one of the easy styles which you can create with basic french braid. You may add some bohemian style into simple french braid hairstyle. This style is best choice for windy and rainy day at the beach.

French Braided Side Bun

French Braided Side Bun Hairstyle

Looks complicated? Don’t worry this style is easy to create than it looks. Make a french braid on the both side of the head loosely and make a joint if two sections of braids to the nape of the neck.

Braided side bun is suitable choice for day time as well as for night time.

French Braided Ponytail Haircut

French Braided Ponytail Haircut

French braided ponytail haircut is most perfect option to go for office and out night and especially for when you are wearing day two hair.

Start braiding your hair from the top of the head and braid it to your favorite ponytail height. Secure it with elastic for final look.

Half up French Braid Cut

Half up French Braid Cut

French braid half up half down cut is suitable option for growing out dreadful bangs or for the hair which are out of your face and don’t look good. In this style, also make two sections of your hair and pull it back one of them. In next step braid top half up section and secure with pin the finished braided section.

Zipper Braid Style with Bun

Zipper French Braid Style with Bun

This style is best for long hair; brush your hair to remove any knot from your hair. To create this charming style start braiding at the root of your neck till the crown area of your head.

At the crown of your head pull the braided hair and rest of your hair up side in a ponytail shape and tie up it in a beautiful bun style.

French Crown Braid Hairstyle

French Crown Braid Hairstyle

This is another elegant french braid hairstyle for chic look. Top achieve this beautiful look, start from one side grab large section of your hair.

Then start braiding your hair from the front of your head till down to one side. Repeat this process for all of your hair. After finishing, wrap the tail of the braid under the French braid and secure it with pin. This style looks awesome for girls with short hair.

Boxer French Braid Style

Boxer French Braid Style

As we can see, this style mostly worn by boxers. They have perfect and fabulous french braid style and are suitable to go for gym etc.

If you want to make this style, make two equal sections of your hair then start braiding your hair till the root of your neck. When you reach at the nape of the neck, unite the both braided section for finished style.

French Braided Bangs

French Braided Bang Hairstyle

Have you bangs hair which you want to grow out? You can simply do it by braiding them back to your hair and secure them with pins to one side of your head.

Dutch and Fishtail French Braid

Dutch French Braid Hairstyle

Fishtail French Side Braids

This beautiful combination of fishtail and Dutch French braid also look fabulous and cool. This is also one of my favorite hairstyle in French braids. We can simply say it cute and elegant for stylish girls.

French Braid Milkmaid Style

French Braid Milkmaid Style

French Braided Faux Hawk

French Braid Faux Hawk Hairstyle

One Side Messy French Braid

One Side Messy French Braid Hairstyle

Pigtail French Braid

Pigtail French Braid Haircut

Sleek French Low Fishtail

Sleek French Low Fishtail

Waterfall Double French Braid Bun

Waterfall Double French Braid Bun

These are some most famous french braid hairstyles which you can create easily. First off all you will have to learn how to create basic french braid haircut. Once you done this, you can create a lot of more french braids which are more elegant and different than above given styles.

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