Easy Formal Hairstyles for Medium Hair to Sport in 2021

Formal hairstyles for medium hair not only consist of up dos and curls. There are a lot of other hairstyles that are worn down or tied high at the head and look elegant. These hairstyles do not require more than 60 minutes of styling. Let’s have a look at some of these formal hairstyles for medium hair.

Formal Loose Curls for Medium Hair

Loose Formal Curls for Medium Hair

Formal Loose Curls for Medium Hair

Loose curls give romantic and elegant hairstyles. It is easy to wear down hairstyles without using any uncomfortable accessories. Hair should not be washed a day before the event. To begin with, start applying mousse to the ends and curls the hair with a curling iron.

The curls are separated and sprayed with hairspray. Formal hairstyles for medium hair with curls can be kept on the side or at the back. You can even tie a ponytail or make a bun.

These haircuts can be created by pulling top half hair at the back. This section is secured with bobby pins or an elastic band. A curling iron of one inch barrel is used to get gorgeous curls. Hair must be curled at the ends only.

French Twist Formal Medium Hairstyle

French Twist Medium Formal Hairstyles

French Twist Medium Formal Haircuts

French twists are also formal hairstyles for medium hair that are styled after pulling hair at the back. The hair is gathered and pulled tightly.

Thin hair needs to volume therefore a height or pouf is suggested at the top. The hair is twisted, flipped up and pinned. The loose ends of twisted hair can be folded to get a perfectly polished and neat formal hairstyle.

Formal Updo Medium Hairstyle

Formal Updo Medium Hairstyles

Wedding Updo Medium Hairstyles

Formal hairstyles for medium hair have many up do choices. A messy bun is created by pulling the hair at the back. Volume can be added to the crown. The hair is twisted and randomly pinned around the head to get a messy bun. This hairstyle is great for curly hair.

Formal Straight Medium Hairstyle

formal hairstyles for medium with straight hair

Formal Straight Medium Hairstyles

Formal hairstyles for medium hair look elegant with straight hair. Straight hair can be pulled back for elegant styles. A flat iron can give you ultra sleek hairstyle.

Shine serum is to be used when straightening hair with flat iron. Straight hair works well with bangs and fringes.

Formal Wavy Hairstyle for Medium Hair

Formal Wavy Medium Hairstyles

Formal Wavy Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Wavy hairstyles are very trendy and enhance natural texture of hair. Waves can be created with large curling iron and placing them randomly around the head. A deep center parted hairstyle with wavy hair resting on both shoulders give a formal and elegant hairstyle.

Hairs can be pulled back to create various formal hairstyles for medium hair. For example, a ponytail gives a sleek and sophisticated hairstyle when combined with French twists.

Hais are parted in the center and side hairs are pulled and twisted. These twisted sections are pinned at the back. A ponytail is tied and the ends of twist are tucked inside the base of ponytail holder.

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