10 Best Foods for Hair Care and Hair Growth

Hair loss can affect men, women, and even children. This problem arises due to genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, under-active thyroid gland, nutrient deficiency, and insufficient scalp circulation. In today’s world, there are countless hair care products most of which are good for nothing.

The only effective solution for hair care and growth is home remedies or natural foods. Here are top 10 best foods for hair care and growth.


10. Citrus Fruit

Citrus Fruit for Hair Growth - Best Foods

The citrus fruit is rich source of iron and vitamin C which are mandatory for proper hair growth. Consume as much citrus fruit as possible. It is a way you can fight with iron deficiency in the body.

It also fulfills the requirements of vitamins, leading the hairs to grow stronger and thicker.

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9. Soya Bean

Soya Bean for Hair Care

Proteins are present in excess in soya bean. One can enjoy this food in the form of soya bean oil or this can be made a part of daily salads. Soya beans have 40% proteins and great deal of saturated fats, which strengthen hair follicles, and body tissues.

8. Beef

Beef to Prevent Hair Fall

Beef is very useful food for those who have problems of hair fall and aging of skin. Beef must be included in your diet at least twice a week. This is a great source of iron, zinc and vitamin B which are all wonderful nutrients for hairs.

7. Shrimps

Shrimps for Hair Care and Growth

Are you avoiding red meat because of high fats and cholesterol? If it is so, don’t compromise your health and include shrimps in daily diet.

Apart from being a very high protein source, shrimps contain good portion of vitamin B12, iron and zinc. This must be consumed in the form of salad or with yogurt to prevent hair breakage.

6. Peppers and Leafy Veggies

Peppers for Hair Growth

Leafy Veggies for Hair Growth

Not only peppers but also leafy veggies such as spinach, lettuce, turnip greens, broccoli, beans, and others promote the health of body and growth of hairs.

Regularly intake peppers but do not include them in your diet in excess if you are a diabetes or blood pressure patient. This strengthens the hair roots, and reduces, hair fall to much extent.

5. Fresh Green Vegetables and Fruits

Fresh Green Vegetables and Fruits for Hair Care

Some other important vegetables and fruits are sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, onions, garlic, kidney beans, and other similar. These are helpful to deal with all problems of scalps. Also the hair roots are strengthened.

4. Sprouts

Sprouts for Hair Care and Hair Growth

The sprouts are wonderful way to get rid of hair damage and multiple hair problems.

There are so many sprouts like mung beans, green gram dal, peas, and several others which stop hair fall, and regulate the blood circulation towards your hear. Soak green gram dal in the morning in air tight boxes. Massage the hairs with it for good results.

3. Nuts and Dry Fruits

Nuts and Dry Fruits for Hair Growth

The nuts and dry fruits are helpful in the growth of healthy hairs. Dates, walnuts, figs and prunes are very tasty foods. These contain iron and other nutrients that make hairs look shiny and glowing.

2. Fish

Fish Oil for Hair Growth

Are you a fish lover? Good news for you because fish is also wonderful food to deal with hair problems. This contains nutrients which make the hairs strong and promote their growth. Omega 3 fatty acids help nourish hair very well.

Fish salt or fish tablets as well as capsules can be used, but fresh fried fish should be given high preference.

1. Cow’s Milk

Cow Milk for Hair Care and Growth

Milk is rich in calcium, proteins, and irons. By whole, it is a complete diet, ideal for not only your hairs but also for your body. Milk is a wonderful diet for strengthening bones.

A full glass of cow’ milk needs to be a part of your diet if you want healthy and shining hairs for a lifetime.

There are many other diets as well which can make your hairs grow well, but the above ones are highly beneficial as well as easily available.

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