Flattering Short Haircuts for Thin Hair to Wear in 2020

A lot of women worry about how thin their hair is. If you have hair thin, and you feel like it is the end of the world because you look old or unattractive, then you should change your hairstyle. This article will tell you all about short haircuts for thin hair.

Long Bob

If you get this haircut, then it would mean that you can still keep your shoulder length hair, and the layers that frame your face, will bring volume to it as well.

You can try balayage with this hair cut, as this way, you don’t have to cut the tresses. If you want to keep the same length, then this is the ideal short haircuts for thin hair and the upside of it is, it is trending right now!

Long bob hairstyles for thin hair

Dutch Braid

If your hair is very light and you don’t know how to give it a stylish haircut, then Dutch braid pixie cut can make things easier for you.

This type of haircut is the best short haircuts for thin hair, because it includes bangs and you can style your hair to perfection. This is a very chic braid and you can dye your hair in a color you like, as it will further enhance its look.

Short Dutch Braid for Thin Hair

Pixie Bob Haircut

If you want a pixie bob haircut, then make sure that it will actually suit your face, because bob cut is not for everyone. However, if you have thin hair and you want to make the most of it, then pixie bob hair cut can be the solution.

If you want to add edge to the way you look every day, then you should try the pixie bob as it is asymmetrical and satisfies that ‘edgy look’ craving.

Pixie Bob Haircut for thin hair

Razor Cut

A razor cut is the best type of short haircuts for thin hair, and if you have straight and wavy hair, then the razor cut will make your hair look like feathers.

It doesn’t make your hair look heavy and even adds texture and volume to it. If you want such a cut, then tell your stylist to give you a texture lob that is cut above the shoulder. You can also ask for a balayage technique, as our natural hair color always needs a boost.

Short Razor Cut for Thin Hair

Round Shape and Heavy Fringe

Some people have a face, where they think that if they get a round cut, it would really suit them. You can get a short haircut for thin hair that has a heavy fringe and a round shape. The unique point of such a haircut is that it is created using disconnection, but you won’t notice it until the hair is styled.

If you think that you have a very round shape, then don’t get this haircut. If you have hair that is straight and flat, then this can be very ideal for you.

Short thin haircuts for round faces

High and Tight Fade Haircut

This is a haircut, which may seem cool to many. This haircut can be simply called a military haircut, which consists of a single strip that is on the top of your head. It has sides and the back of your hair is buzzed with a really short setting or it can be completely shaven.

The reason why some girls or women would want to get this high and tight fade haircut is because they like how they look in it. It makes you look sharp and strict, and if you’re going for something like this, then this is the haircut for you.

If you’re worried that this style as short haircuts for thin hair won’t be suitable, then that is a wrong impression. This is not only appropriate for thick hair, but for thin hair as well. Thin hair doesn’t really give a look of volume, when they are spread out, but when they have collected on top of your head, they might give a new and profound look.

High and Tight Fade Thin Haircut

Angled Pixie

If you want a short haircut for thin hair, then angled pixie is the right haircut for you. It is a short pixie haircut, which comes with long bangs; you must have usually seen this kind of pixie cut in the movies, where actresses try to appear dramatic and mysterious at the same time.

The sideburns in this haircut, actually make the hair style look edgy as well as fun; it is an appropriate short haircut for thin hair.

Pixie Bob Haircut for thin hair

Styling Your Hair

Once you get this haircut, you should learn how to style it as well, because if you don’t style it properly, then the purpose of getting it would get lost.

If you have got this short haircut for thin hair, you should use a hair dryer and use it in the direction of where you part your hair.

Then, you should use a wax spray and spray them on roots, with the help of your fingers. You can use a flat iron on the bangs that come with the haircut, so that the razored edges become really prominent.

Short haircuts for thin hair need styling, like every other haircut, because if you don’t style it after you have left the stylist’s place, then it will be of no use. You need to maintain the hair cut constantly, so that it serves its purpose.

Short blonde haircuts for thin hair

Most of us enjoy our haircuts for the first week, and then style them carelessly after it. Haircuts are not cheap, which is why we should look after them. You need hair spray, hair wax, iron, straighter or even curlers; the things that you need all depend on the haircut you have gotten.


Whether you need a pixie bob haircut or any other hair cut, you really need to research about it. Stand in front of the mirror and Google different hair styles. Don’t leave everything to your hairstylist, because only you know what you want or what you will look good in. One hairstyle can’t suit everyone and that is a point you should remember!

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