11 Famous Female Celebrity Hairstyles Trends in 2021

Looking for famous female celebrity hairstyles? Here we’ll discuss best celebrity hairstyles for females which you may flaunt to make you look glamorous and attractive.

Carey Mulligan’s Hairstyle

Carey Mulligan if referred as the “lady with crop” won’t be wrong. She is the one who carries short pixie crops so well that we couldn’t find anyone else other than her. Lady has really taken crop hairstyle to a next level. With all the hairstyles that she incorporate, from retro to modern, from fishtail braids to waves, all has really being an example of the perfect hairstyle.

Carey Mulligan's Hairstyle - Female Celebrity Hairstyles

When you’ve got it then flaunt it, this is how she goes. She has one of those female celebrity hairstyles that become a part of their personality and a very good example for others. Here Carey Mulligan is a distinctive example for the ladies with oval shape.

Rachel McAdams’ Hairstyle

Rachel McAdams' Red Hairstyles

She has the face that can carry all sorts of look. And she sure has tried on short and medium hairstyles both.

But the thing that stands out in her hairstyle are the waves and formal look, she have carried them both together or one, her face cut really enhances the curls she put in her hair.

She have tried on all the hair colors and have stood out in them, she even got funky with pink color. Her face and hairstyle is versatile and this is what we all look for when searching for the best female celebrity hairstyles.

Poppy Delevingne Hairstyle

Poppy Delevingne Long Hairstyles

The lady with long hair and pretty face, yes she is one and only, our very own Poppy. She has been seen around with long haircut and this is her personal style, which never fails her. Her updos, and long hair are the most popular factors f her personality.

They help her have all sorts of hairstyles. You ladies out their looking for female celebrity hairstyles but for long hair and most importantly updos then, Poppy Delevingne is the best role model for you.

She wears her hairs with waves so well that no way can anyone own what she has; she is truly a blonde bombshell.

Selena Gomez’ Hairstyle

Selena Gomez' Long Layered Hairstyles

Young girls who idealize Selena Gomez, why don’t you try mimicking her hairstyle too? Especially if you have square face then you should feel free to try on the hairstyles she have. And just so you know she has posed almost all styles out of the female celebrity hairstyles look.

She carries all of her hairstyles; long, medium, short bangs, bob, waves and braids, with real confidence and style.

Don’t wait up anymore her voice and acting must have taken young girls captive but now it’s time for you to try any one of her hairstyles and rock them just like her. Happy hairstyling!

Sofia Vergaras’ Haircut

Sofia Vergaras' Layered Haircuts

Long lush haired Sofia Vergara is the pretty and strong Colombian beauty. Her hair is long, shiny and so striking that they can take away your breath away. Her hair has always been the most attractive feature of her face.

She has worn the hairstyles like wavy long, straight long and formal wavy and straight hair. Her beautiful face compliments her long beautiful hair.

She is one of the ladies who have shown off her brunette hair in the most beautiful ways. Ladies with dark and silky hair can follow her as she has flaunted the best female celebrity hairstyles.

Eva Longoria’s Hairstyle

Eva Longoria's Medium Hairstyles

Svelte physique, olive skin total gorgeous lady has shown off her hair in many hairstyles. “Desperate housewives” actress has mostly retained long hair and had done the most fabulous hairstyles.

She has beautiful brunette hair in which she brings variations by using various shades of her natural hair color. This is her way of telling you that you need not to get rid of your natural hair color completely but follow phenomenal female celebrity hairstyles posed by her.

Especially if you have exotic olive skin and beautiful dark hair like her. The hairstyles she has put on are simple but still most elegant than ever.

Taylor Swift’s Hair Style

Taylor Swift's Short Hair Styles

Has the curls of Taylor swift impressed you always? They have put us in a stance for sure. If you are with the long curly hair then make sure to follow Taylor swift because she have variety of hairstyles for you.

If you think that updos are difficult to have when you have curly hair? Contemplate again because when you have a gallery full of female celebrity hairstyles for natural curly hair posed off by Taylor swift what is there for you to worry about? It is not necessary for you to have blonde hair to seem pretty, just the curls to vaunt.

Kim Kardashian’s Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian's Face Framing Hairstyles

Pretty and super cool lady whose ponytail is the sleekest and can show off the beauty of Kim Kardashian in the best possible way.

Kim Kardashian has been seen to give preference to her face by tying up the hair knots, buns and ponytails that keep her hair off her face. But still she has managed to look pretty and composed.

If you are the one who is really a fan of simplicity then show off your face features by adopting sleek and formal hairstyles Kim Kardashian has worn. She has really taken female celebrity hairstyles to a level of composed and sleek more than ever.

Rihanna’s Hairstyle

Rihanna's Long Hairstyles

Pretty in black is one much known good girl gone bad lady Rihanna. She has displayed numerous hairstyles for the ladies from as simple as braided pigtails to anywhere your imagination wander. The best hairstyles she has worn are the ones that cover her forehead.

She is beautiful and striking lady but the hairstyles such as bangs and finger ringlets that cover her forehead makes her look more sassy and beautiful.

If you have exotic dark skin like hers then you shouldn’t miss trying the blonde hair dye she have had loads of time and has totally rocked it. She is the pretty lady with a wide range of female celebrity hairstyles for you to follow.

Jennifer Lopez’s Hairstyle

Jennifer Lopez's Long Hairstyles

Waves of Jennifer Lopez have created wavelets of gooey feelings in our hearts for quite a time now.

Best thing about her hair are that you will mostly see her in messy bun, wavy hair or layered cuts, bangs and hair knots yet every time her hairstyles seems different from the last time and the reason is that her hair color keeps on changing, she keeps trying on new hair colors like honey brown, ombre and many more.

Her hairstyles make her look simple yet eye catching, so ladies if you are in search for the hairstyles that show off your bubbly personality in the disguise then there are no better hairstyles and looks in the gallery of female celebrity hairstyles than of Jennifer Lopez.

Paris Hiltons’ Hairstyle

Paris Hiltons' Side Bangs Hairstyles

Lady Oh! So blonde! Paris Hilton has one of the female celebrity hairstyles that you would think as simple as straight hair. But believe it or not straight hair is her signature hairstyle.

On so many award shows she just flaunts her blonde hair dead straight and yet manages to look so pretty. She is the follower of simplicity and this is what sets her apart from others. On many occasions she has had the buns with braids, curls in her blonde hair like goldilocks.

If you have blonde hair then Paris Hilton is the one you would probably follow and don’t forget to follow her rule of simplicity with the grace.

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